Flute Guy Acknowledges Attention Attracted At The Game Awards

The standout musician spotted earlier this week at The Game Awards known mostly as Flute Guy recently responded to the admiration of the audience, posting a short message of gratitude on the social media platform Twitter. The musician in question, Pedro Eustache, made the remarks in three different languages, posting simultaneously in English, Spanish, and French.

“Flute Guy here,” Eustache began. “Thanks for your amazing response after The Game Awards. God bless you all!”

The flutist immediately attracted attention at The Game Awards through a series of enthusiastic gestures during the performance. Several viewers of the show also noticed that Eustache was able to almost instantly switch between flutes, being seen with a completely different instrument in between cuts of the camera.

“Hi, this is Pedro Eustache,” the musician said in a video posted on Twitter. “You guys know me as Flute Guy. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your absolutely amazing response on social media after The Game Awards last night. God bless you.”

Eustache produces original music and is frequently found going on tour with a variety of different groups. The flutist is able to perform with several different instruments, previous contributions to major motion pictures like No Time to Die and Dune standing as a testament to the level of skill possessed.

This comes in the wake of news that several other surprises were seen at The Game Awards, a member of the audience by the name of Matan Even for example crashing the ceremonies. This apparently is not the first time that Even has done something like this, having stepped up on stage during a World of Warcraft panel to protest current events in Hong Kong, China back in 2019.

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