Former Final Fantasy VII Remake Studio Comments On Re-Reveal

Final Fantasy VII Remake was one the most talked-about games of at E3 this year, and with good reason. It looks to be thorough remake with lots of things to uncover, even if it will take Square Enix quite some time to deliver the game in full to excited fans. One of those fans is a director at Cyberconnect2, the developer previously at the helm of Remake.

Currently, Ryosuke Hara is directing Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, an action-RPG set in the Dragon Ball universe. When speaking to him about that game, we couldn’t help to bring up Cyberconnect2’s history with Remake; it was the original developer on that project before publisher Square Enix decided to bring development in-house after director Tetsuya Nomura expressed dissatisfaction with how the game was shaping up.

While Ryosuke wasn’t able to confirm whether he was one of the people working on Remake at that time, he was able to express how excited he is for Square’s version of the game. “I think as a fan and as a creator, I have very, very high expectations for what this game is going to bring to all these long-awaiting fans as well as the industry,” Hara told us. “I think I’m genuinely just excited to see how it will be packaged, and how this game is going to end up looking in its final form.”

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