Fortnite 10.30 patch notes: Zapper nerf, Splatoon crossover, downtime incoming?

It's that time of the week again – the time we start bracing ourselves for a big ol' Fortnite update and speculating about what the fine folks over at Epic will be bringing to the game this time.

Over the past week, we've seen some interesting changes to the game. Last week saw the arrival of a content update that reintroduced some points of interest to the map, followed by a surprise update that made a 'cosmetic change' to the game.

So Epic has been rolling out more content than usual. But that doesn't mean we're not going to get a big ol' patch this week, too – one that will require the game to be taken offline for a small while.

We're anticipating the new patch will be named update 10.30 and will bring some pretty large changes to the game, too.

We've already seen the IT crossover appear in-game over the past week, so we imagine Epic isn't going to want to overshadow the horror collaboration. But we can't say that for certain.

The patch will likely go live tomorrow (as Epic has got back on track with Tuesday updates) but we could also see the patch land on Wednesday or Thursday.

We'll let you know as soon as we find out – in the meantime, here's what may be coming in the patch.

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Fiend/Zapper Shield update

There has been an issue that's manifested in Fortnite over the last few days where Fiends and Zapper Traps can be exploited to farm mroe shileds than you should be able to gather in a short space of time.

In Retail Row, if a player throws a few Zapper Traps on the ground next to a Fiend spawn beacon, Fiends will spawn in and die instantly, giving off a lot of shield boosts.

Epic has acknowledged the issue, saying: “We’re aware Fiends are destroyed by traps when outside of the Retail Row POI, but are investigating why they aren't attacking your Zapper Trap consistently.”

Consideirng Zapper Traps were added and removed in Season 3, before being added back in again later, it's safe to say that the item has caused Epic devs their fair share of headaches.

Expect to see this issue resolved in a future patch.

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