Fortnite: 8 Relatable Things Every Player Does

In Fortnite, things change just about every fortnight. New guns are added, items are vaulted, and events are held. With each season and chapter, even bigger changes are made. New mechanics are added, with swimming, fishing, mantling, vehicles, and vaults all being new additions once.

But if you’ve played for a while, you’ll know that the best things never change. Spawn Island is always a weird dance party with someone firing their submachine gun in the background, and the person who kills you is always wearing one of those tryhard skins.

Have Too Much Fun With The Movement

Whether it’s bouncing on a launch pad, vaulting over fences or just mantling up a ledge, Fortnite is always adding new means of traversal and parkour. It’s always a pleasure to score an elimination after popping up on an enemy or dropping in from above.

You might even enjoy the movement mechanics so much that you get distracted from the battle royale, and just bounce, fly or sprint around the map looking for trouble. If you see a big slope, you might just slide all the way down, even if it might give away your position to enemy squads. All this is surely why parkour and platforming maps are so popular in Creative Mode.

Lie In Wait In A Bush

Maybe you’re on your own, and you’re waiting for that full car of gunners to drive past, or maybe you’ve got a gold sniper, and you’re going to shoot some heads. Either way, a nice cozy bush is the best place for it.

Bushes and their cousin, the tree, have been used as hiding spots since the dawn of Fortnite. Newbies and pros alike have taken shelter in that classic spot, and chances are, you have too. If you’ve got to drink a potion or heal up, it’s the best place for it, but just be warned that some players love to shoot bushes for that very reason.

Drive Carelessly

If you’re riding an animal like a pig or a pooch, you might take a little care not to hurt the poor fellow while you’re running to the storm circle. But when you’re driving a car, whether it’s an off-road vehicle or not, you’re probably not going to follow the road rules — or even the roads.

Then, when you’re off-road and taking fire, maybe you decide to strap on your seatbelt and take some bold risks. It's all too easy to hit the gas and jump a gorge you didn’t even see was there.

Think About Joining A Competition

Whenever you open up Fortnite, that Compete tab is staring you in the face. Maybe you take a peek and see if there are nice prizes up for grabs, the cogs start spinning, and you start considering joining one of the competitions.

After all, you’ve got to be in it to win it. Maybe you’ll get lucky, you think. But maybe you miss the competition time or can’t get your squad together, and you end the way you started — looking at that Compete tab and thinking “What if?”

Die While Doing Quests

Each week the new quests come in, and they’re never too normal. Sure, you’ll have a couple like “Deal damage with an SMG”, but then you’ll have the unusual ones like “Hide in a giant snowball at Frosty Firs, Brutal Bastion, and Lonely Labs”.

Chances are, you won’t complete that while gunning for that Victory Royale. So, you drop into a match, sprint for the snowball, and get sniped before you make it. Maybe it’s better to just do these quests when you get the chance, but who can remember them when there’s a win on the line?

Emoting On Spawn Island

The lobby is a good place to show off to your teammates that you caught the Tidy emote while it was back in the shop, or you can now sit down and eat a meat pie.

But there’s truly nothing like that feeling of joining a match, popping your favorite emote and sitting back to enjoy the show. Sometimes you might have a dance-off with the guy you’re going to shoot later, and sometimes you’re making Doom Guy do the Flippin’ Sexy. Whatever it is, Spawn Island is the place to do it.

Mess With Your Teammates

What kind of squad mate would you be if you didn’t try to surprise your team with a couple shots their way, or a grenade at their feet? A bad one, surely. If you’ve got a truck then the best place to drive it is right into the back of your buddy. “I was trying to knock you away from the storm”, you might say.

Or, perhaps you’re just looking out for your buddy by throwing a Port-a-Fort at their head. Whatever you do to keep your squad on their toes, it’ll definitely keep those enemy teams guessing.

Drop Into A Busy Location To Try Your Luck

Whether it’s the classic Tilted Towers or somewhere like Slappy Shores, some places are hotbeds of activity. They usually have the best loot too so if you want to find a competitive edge, your best bet is a busy one.

As long as you can survive the absolute chaos and pandemonium that happens there at the start of the match, that is. Explosives, bullets and so many thudding footsteps mean you’re going to have a tough time making it out alive, but if you don't, at least it was a quick match.

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