Fortnite: A Complete Guide To Crafting

Crafting is one of Season 6’s new mechanics in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode. It was added to the game along with hunting. These new features are quite helpful, but they can also be somewhat overwhelming at first and hard to master.

Our guide will give you a bit more insight into what exactly makeshift weapons are, the differences between primal and mechanical weapons, and the various bows that you can craft in the game now. This will help you understand which weapons you should be crafting, according to your playstyle.

How To Craft

In Fortnite, you can craft by having certain materials in your inventory. There are various items and weapons you can craft.

You can craft a Hunter’s Cloak, and it will help taming animals so you won’t be attacked by hostile critters anymore either. Here is our complete guide on everything you need to know about the Hunter’s Cloak.

You can even craft different bows — you can mix them with animal parts or even grenades and fireflies. This will give your gameplay a lot of flexibility. You can also craft two types of weapons. But how exactly do you craft in this game?

To craft, gather the necessary materials. After this, just open your inventory. Then, go into the ‘crafting’ tab. Select the item you want to modify and press the ‘craft’ button. This tab will also show you all of the different possibilities when it comes to crafting and all the combinations that you can use to create different weapons and items depending on which ones you already have.

Makeshift Weapons

Makeshift weapons are typically found as ground loot, they can also be found in regular treasure chests. But what exactly are these weapons? Well, makeshift weapons are weapons that still haven’t been crafted into primal or mechanical weapons.

They can be found in common, uncommon, and rare rarities. When upgraded, their stats will significantly increase, making them more powerful and viable in combat.

Primal Weapons

You can upgrade a makeshift weapon into either a primal weapon or a mechanical weapon.

Primal weapons can be crafted with a makeshift weapon 4 animal bones. Once crafted, it will also increase the weapon’s rarity automatically. So, if you had an Uncommon makeshift shotgun, it will turn into a Rare primal shotgun.

Primal weapons have lower accuracy but faster fire rate. So, according to which type of weapon you depend on the most when eliminating players, you can decide if you should resort to a primal weapon or not.

Collecting animal bones is crucial to making primal weapons. So you can either hunt animals (since they will drop bones once killed) or visit structures around the map that will drop animal bones when broken. Stakes with skulls on top, dinosaur-like bones that are scattered around the map, and feast tables are what you’ll be looking for.

Sometimes it’s actually quite hard to find crafting materials, but luckily there are NPCs scattered around the map that will sell you the materials you need for 10 gold each.

Mechanical Weapons

You might be more familiar with mechanical weapons as they’re the ones that were already in the game before. Mechanical weapons can be crafted if you have a makeshift weapon and 4 mechanical parts.

You can collect these throughout the map as there are several cars, trailers, trucks, and even tractors that will drop parts as you hit them.

These weapons have higher accuracy compared to their primal counterparts, but a slower fire rate.


Bows are quite different from other weapons. There are regular, primal, and mechanical bows. However, you can make them much more powerful. If you have a Rare (blue) primal or a Rare mechanical bow, you can use it and turn it into something else.

Mechanical Bows

There are two types of mechanical bows. Each of them needs different materials. But to craft them you need at least a Rare mechanical bow first. You can make one with a makeshift bow and 4 mechanical parts.

Mechanical Explosive Bow: To craft this bow you need a total of 6 grenades and also a Rare mechanical bow. This is a powerful bow that launches 3 small bombs once it hits.

• Mechanical Shockwave Bow: With only 2 shockwave grenades and a Rare mechanical bow, players can craft this bow. Its arrow works exactly like a shockwave grenade.

Primal Bows

There are two types of primal bows. Their crafting materials can vary, meaning that there are more options when creating these bows. Primal bows have a much faster fire rate.

• Primal Flame Bow: This bow can be made with a Rare primal bow and either a firefly jar or a gas can. Each arrow will ignite on impact. Great for wooden structures.

• Primal Stink Bow: You can create this bow by mixing a Rare primal bow with either 3 Stink Floppers or 1 Stink sac, which frogs drop when killed. This bow is very similar to the now vaulted stink bomb.

Each of these bows shines differently depending on the situation you’re in. Shooting an arrow from a Primal Stink Bow is an awesome way of getting an opponent out of their 1×1 structure, the same goes for the Flame Bow if they’ve built the entire structure out of wood.

The Shockwave Bow can get you out of a sticky situation by letting you just easily shockwave away, especially since arrows are much easier to come across than shockwave grenades. Plus, the Explosive Bow will work similarly to a Grenade Launcher, forcing opponents out of a structure by blowing it down.

Just A Tip

If you’re planning on upgrading your weapons, do it before crafting them into a primal or mechanical weapon. When you craft a weapon, it will always increase in rarity. And if you’re upgrading your weapons, the higher the rarity, the higher the price. So, this means that you will save a lot of gold bars if you upgrade before crafting.

Also, keep in mind that once you’ve made a primal or mechanical weapon, you cannot reset it back to makeshift or turn it into the other type of weapon.

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