Fortnite: All Joneses Locations

Agent Jonesy has been one of the most important characters in the most recent Fortnite storyline. So it would only make sense for him to be connected with season 6’s new Spire quests.

One of this week’s Spire quests will require players to talk to different Joneses around the map. The mission is ‘Talk to the Joneses (5)’ and our guide will help you find them and describe an optimized route that you can take to complete this challenge as quickly and in few matches as possible.

Remember To Talk To Jonesy

There are several locations where you can find the Joneses but the task doesn’t mean all you have to do is simply interact with them. It can actually be quite easy to forget that for it to count towards the quest you’ll need to select a specific dialogue option.

  • When you approach a Jones, you’ll have to select the option that reads ‘The Spire’ and then press ‘Continue’ until he finishes talking.

You must follow this step with every Jonesy you interact with, otherwise, it will not count towards your progress. You need to talk to five Joneses in total.

All Joneses Locations

The Joneses are scattered somewhat unevenly across the map so the best way to complete the challenge in as few matches as possible is to plan out a route before dropping from the battle bus. We have made a map of all the locations in which you can find Jones.

Although we marked Bunker Jonesy (the Jonesy with the long blonde hair and beard) on the map, it is important to point out that he can be found in any of these locations. So, if you’re nearby check if he’s there but avoid planning your route based on one of these specific Bunker Jonesy locations.

If you’re trying to be as efficient as possible, consider landing near Stealthy Stronghold, then speaking to Grill SergeantJonesy the First will be very close by, in Pleasant ParkSuntan Specialist, in Sweaty Sands, and Wreck Raider, in Coral Castle, are near as well.

Again, you can check the other nearby locations for Bunker Jonesy but if your attempt isn’t successful you can just head towards The Spire to talk to Rex or Weeping Woods to speak to Sash Sargeant. If the circle doesn’t allow it, simply land near one of the other Joneses in the next match that you play.

This is just one of the challenges that were released this week. Week 5’s challenges are just around the corner. And if you haven’t caught up on last week’s weekly challenges be sure to do so. We’ve written a guide to help you do so if you’re in need of any assistance.

More challenges will keep coming through Season 6 and The Spire quests are particularly exciting since they tend to reveal a bit more of what is going on in this chaotic world island.

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