Fortnite: Artifact Locations At Stealthy Stronghold And Coral Castle

The latest Fortnite season is coming to an end as we enter the final week of Season Six. So, it’s almost time to say goodbye to the Primal theme and brace ourselves for whatever may be coming next to the popular Battle Royale game.

Everything indicates that Chapter two’s Season seven is most likely going to be related to aliens, especially since players are now being abducted all over the island and being dropped in random places with no recollection of what happened to them. However, before then we need to finish what we started.

This is your last chance to complete all of the challenges that have accumulated throughout these past couple of months. Next week the newest season will take over and you won’t be able to unlock anything that you’ve missed.

You’ll have to visit two locations this week. There is a total of eight artifacts, and you need to raid an artifact from each location. Our guide will show you where you can find each of these artifacts.

2 Fortnite: Coral Castle Artifact Locations

There are four artifact locations in Coral Castle. We’ve made you a map to guide you and we’ve described where you can find each artifact in the areas marked on the map.

These POIs aren’t as easy to navigate around compared to city areas of the map like Retail Row and Lazy Lake.

Coral Castle Artifact #1

The artifact is in the water, below the small building with two staircases that lead to a small room.

Coral Castle Artifact #2

To get to the artifact, you have to go up the sandy rock. It is located on top of it. It is easier to reach it from the north side so you don’t have to waste any materials.

Coral Castle Artifact #3

To find the artifact, enter the building in the center of the POI. There is some water dividing the building, dive in and the artifact will be beside a tall structure that sticks out above the water.

Coral Castle Artifact #4

The artifact can be found on the right side of the building. It is on the ground floor, next to a blue coral. Next to it is an archway that allows you to quickly enter and leave the building.

1 Fortnite: Stealthy Stronghold Artifact Locations

There are also four different artifacts in Stealthy Stronghold. Again you only need to grab one artifact from each location in order to complete this mission.

Stealthy Stronghold Artifact #1

You will notice a very large tree, on its right there are two broken-down walls next to each other. The artifact is just in the corner.

Stealthy Stronghold Artifact #2

You can find the artifact on the ground floor of this building. There is a hole in the wall, if you enter through, you’ll come face to face with it.

Stealthy Stronghold Artifact #3

Go to the first floor of this building. The structure is very much destroyed. A tree has grown inside one of the rooms, it’s in this room that you will find the artifact.

Stealthy Stronghold Artifact #4

The artifact is in the building where you can normally find the Lara Croft NPC. It is right next to the chest spawn.

Once you have an artifact from each location make sure you’ve not missed any other challenges before the season ends.

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