Fortnite Avengers TEASER 2: Epic Games reveals more about Endgame event

Fortnite developer Epic Games is once again teaming up with Marvel for a special event to mark the release of the new Avengers film.

With Avengers Endgame officially launching later this week, Epic is holding an in-game Avengers event in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The blockbuster new Fortnite event was announced with a teaser on Monday, April 22.

And according to reports, a second teaser will be revealed later today (April 23).

Fortnite X Avengers Endgame teaser two will be revealed at 3pm UK time on Twitter.

The next teaser should shed more light on what to expect from the event, which takes place on April 25.

Express Online will update this article when the new teaser is revealed by Epic Games.

With the event officially announced, fans have started to speculate about what it entails.

Fans initially expected a return of the Thanos event from 2018.

The event tasked players with finding the Infinity Gauntlet, which would turn them into Thanos. As Thanos, players would gain incredible powers, but would lose the Infinity Gauntlet when killed.

While it’s possible this week’s event won’t change anything, the first teaser suggests that there’s more to it.

As you can see from the tweet above, some fans believe the changes to Loot Lake tie in to the new event.

It’s also possible the Thanos event will return as before, only with new Marvel-themed skins to unlock.

Fingers crossed the event also launches alongside a selection of new challenges and exclusive rewards.

Whatever the case, Fortnite and Marvel fans should check back at 3pm UK time later today for more on the next Avengers event.

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