Fortnite: Ayida’s Level Up Pack Quests Guide

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Chapter Three Season Four's Level Up Pack is out now, and it's time to get those few extra levels before the season ends. Ever since the start of Chapter Three, Fortnite has been releasing a special pack a month before the end of the season to help players get a few extra levels.

This is great not only for players that want to finish the Battle Pass and haven't been able to take the time to grind for XP but also for players that want to claim all the bonus cosmetics from the Bonus Rewards page. It takes a lot of effort to get these rewards since you have to get to level 200 to unlock them all.

Updated November 9, 2022, by Ashely Claudino: We've updated this guide with the latest information on the pack. Ayida's Level Up Pack has just gotten its second set of quests and seven more levels can be collected.

How Level Up Packs Works

Level Up Packs are a way to level up quickly, right before the season ends. The pack is updated weekly over the course of three weeks after its initial release. Each week, seven tokens are added to the game, and you must collect them to earn levels.

You always increase a full level after collecting a token; this means that you earn the same amount of experience points as a complete level.

So, for example, if you're season level is level 79, and you only need 2,000 XP to level up to level 80, and then you collect a token, you'll still need 2,000 XP to level up again, but you'll be a season level higher than before (your account will be level 80 now.)

In total, 28 tokens will be available after the last update, each worth one level. This means you can increase your season level by 28 levels if you get all the obtainable tokens. You have until December 3 to get through the quests before they're gone for good.

Pack Rewards

On top of the 28 levels that you can increase, each Level Up Pack comes with a skin, in this case, the Ayida skin, and three additional cosmetic items that you can unlock by completing its quests – for every set of seven tokens that you collect, you'll receive another item as a reward for completing a Bonus Goal. These are all the rewards you can unlock with the Ayida Level Up Pack:

Complete seven Ayida questsDragon's Charge back bling Dragon's Dream alternative style for the Dragon's Charge back bling – this style prevents the back bling from being reactive when you get a kill
Complete 14 Ayida questsDragon's Dominion wrap
Complete 21 Ayida questsThunderous Yari harvesting tool
Complete 28 Ayida questsPen and Ink alternative style for the Ayida skin

For now, you can only unlock the Dragon's Charge back bling and the Dragon's Dominion wrap. We'll update this guide once more quests are available.

Week One – Ayida Sky Quests

The first set of tokens as part of the Ayida Level Up Pack are the Sky Level Up tokens. This means that if you get all seven tokens you can unlock the Dragon's Charge back bling right on this first week.

You do not have to equip the Ayida outfit in order to be able to collect the Level Up Tokens

It's possible to collect the seven tokens in just one match if you're not afraid to get into the storm if you have to and if you follow a specific route. Here is where you can find the tokens and directions to follow if you'd like to get it done as soon as possible:

Collect Sky Level Up TokenLocation
Stage OneThe first Sky Level Up token is on top of the ballon south of Grim Gables, southeast of Loot Lake.

If you want to finish the next stage right away, it's definitely reachable from this balloon if you glide until you reach the balloon at the southern entrance of Chrome Crossroads.

Stage TwoThe second Sky Level Up token is on the platform that leads up to the balloon south of Chrome Crossroads, northwest of Herald's Sanctum; it's right in front of the vault door.

Although you can't reach the balloon where the next token is, you can get there in no time if you stop at the Driftin' Double Pumps gas station, southwest of Herald's Sanctum, and ride the balloon updraft until you get to the balloon west of Rocky Reels.

Stage ThreeThe third Sky Level Up token is on the platform that leads up to the balloon west of Rocky Reels, take the zipline on the Arid Acres plateau to reach it and collect the token.

To collect the next token without losing too much time, be sure to return to the Driftin' Double Pumps gas station, ride up the balloon again and glide over to the balloon southeast of the Colossal Cactus landmark.

Stage Four, Five, Six, and SevenThe fourth Sky Level Up token is on the platform of the balloon north of Cloudy Condos, right next to Colossal Cactus.

Once you get it, take the updraft and glide down to the spot where the gas station was before Cloudy Condos was put on platforms. There's a D-Launcher near the gas pumps; you will have to get on it to collect the fifth Sky Level Up token.

It'll throw you onto the platforms over Cloudy Condos; next to it is the new gas station and mechanic shop; get on top of it and zip up to the balloon to automatically collect the sixth Sky Level Up token.

Open your glider as soon as you're in the air and glide down to the red roof of the lighthouse in Cloudy Condos; this is where you'll be able to grab the seventh Sky Level Up token.

Week Two – Ayida Fuel Quests

Week two has just taken off which means that you can grab seven more Level Up tokens and finally get your hands on the Dragon's Dominion wrap, a black and white wrap for your coolest weapons.

This week, the tokens that you'll have to go collect around the map are called Fuel Level Up tokens. The route that you have to take to get the tokens is all throughout the same road, so perhaps Epic Games meant for players to do this in a vehicle. Fittingly, five of these tokens have been placed in front of gas stations and two other two are near vehicle spawns.

Since all of the tokens have been put on the same road, it's quite easy to follow it as you go, and therefore you can most certainly grab them all in the same match if you don't run into any interruptions.

Collect Fuel Level Up TokenLocations
Stage OneThe Driftin' Double Pumps gas station. You have to land on or zip up to the small platform on the north side of the landmark. It'll be right in front of the red semi-truck.

If you want to try and get all of the tokens in the same match, you can get on the semi and drive right through the first token to collect it. You'll ride down from the platform and can continue south to find the next token. However, you might want to find a better car at Driftin' Double Pumps since the semi is the slowest vehicle in the game.

Stage TwoOn the bridge just south of Driftin' Double Pumps, the one right between Rocky Reels and Shimmering Shrine.
Stage ThreeHalf of Flutter Barn may be floating up in the air, but the gas station is still on the ground, thankfully. It's right in front of this gas station that you can collect the third Fuel Level Up token.
Stage FourBe sure to turn left when going down the road from Flutter Barn, otherwise, you'll end up at Tilted Towers. Eventually you'll enter Greasy Grove through its south entrance. Behind Greasy Grove's gas station is where you'll find the fourth Level Up Token.
Stage FiveContinue up the road that leads from Greasy Grove to Reality Tree until you reach the intersection in front of the gas station which is where the fifth Level Up token.
Stage SixThere is a bridge east of the Reality Tree, after this bridge, you will reach the intersection that leads to Willow's Haunt or the Rave Cave. At this intersection is where you can get the sixth Level Up token.
Stage SevenHead north from the intersection to the Rave Cave, but turn right just before arriving as if you were going to cross Behemoth Bridge. Pass by the gas station before you get to the bridge to grab the seventh Level Up token.

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