Fortnite DOWN: Epic Games reveal Chapter 2 update plans and server maintenance

Having had to postpone its launch, Fortnite update 11.11 will be going live later today, November 13.

Epic Games confirmed the news earlier today and provided the new maintenance schedule as well.

As usual, servers will be taken offline for a short period so that Fortnite Chapter 2 can be updated.

According to the Epic Games server status page, today’s downtime will only last around one hour.

Maintenance is set to begin at 9am GMT and will leave players unable to access live games on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile.

The upside is that the latest Epic Games patch will add new content and will probably not cause that much disruption

Judging by the early patch notes over on Trello, the new Fortnite update will fix multiple issues and make a few necessary tweaks.

One confirmed fix is for a cosmetic issue involving the Kitbash Outfit’s head which appears to be floating.

Epic will also fix a problem with the Magma Wrap looking different than intended, plus a problem with the gift wrap missing for gifted Battle Passes.

Elsewhere, Epic may potentially fix problems with reward descriptions displaying a locked icon.

“The View All Rewards screen may show the lock icon instead of the check mark icon above the description of unlocked rewards,” the studio explains.

When it comes to Epic Game sharing news after today’s maintenance has been completed, things have become a little less clear.

Patch notes are longer provided in the same way they used to be, leaving many guessing what has changed.

Big events are still covered by Epic Games, but fans are hoping to see the return of traditional update notes before the end of Chapter 2.

Meanwhile, we do know what new stuff is being planned for Fortnite Save the World today.

As revealed in a past roadmap shared by the dev team a new Halloween questline is being primed for launch today.

Today’s update will also include:

  • Fortnitemares Questline – Monster Bride
  • Monster Constructor – It was a mash!
  • Black Metal Sword – A Sword.. of the black metal variety.
  • Raven Returns – He’s still outside…

However, some new content has been pushed and will not be available in today’s Fortnite STW update.

A message from Epic Games explains: “As mentioned in our October 15th Roadmap, we’re working towards having cosmetics completed during this season and we’re here to give you a small update on where we’re at with this feature.

“We’re happy to announce that Ranged weapon wraps are launching in the v11.20 update and additional cosmetic options (Outfits, Backblings, etc) will continue to roll out over the course of this season.

“We’ve moved the music pack, initially planned for v11.11, into the v11.20 update as well to make sure these new cosmetic features are unified with the rest of the locker content and working correctly.

“We’ll be releasing a more detailed blog on the Outfits and Backbling system as it gets closer to its release.”

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