Fortnite Event: What time is Fortnite Event in UK today?

It's that time of the year again! The Fortnite Event Countdown is on as Epic Games once again prepare for a big update today.

And in usual Fortnite/Epic Games style, there will be a massive, map-changing live event to mark the end of Season 10 and the arrival of Season 11.

This will follow on past successful events such as the rocket launch that split the sky in two, the big cube explosion, that weird time/space butterfly thing, the volcano eruption and last seasons big Robot vs Monster battle.

Epic Games will no doubt be doing something massive today, and it's quite possible the event will triggering the start of Season 11.

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And it's quite possible that will involve a brand new map following the leak of Fortnite Chapter 2 on Friday night.

Exactly what will happen when the rocket launches (again) isn't clear, it's no doubt going to be a massive talking point and by now we know Epic Games are aware of just how 'big' these in-game events are to fans.

Epic has proved it's not shy about willingly destroying the landmarks in the game, but wouldn they ever level the entire map?

We'll just have to wait and see.

Fortnite Event – When will the Fortnite Event Start?

Like past seasons, there's a countdown in place. In Season 7, we saw a countdown on TVs dotted around the map. And season 8 saw the grumbling volcano get more and more volatile as we approached its eruption, with a countdown being broadcast from the underground bunker.

This time, we're seeing a countdown appears above the Rocket at Dusty Depot, and since Friday sirens have been booming from the location every couple of minutes.

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Logic and past seasons would indicate that whatever Epic has planned, it will start the second those clocks reach 0.

The countdown timers in the sky suggest that the new event will take place today, October 13 at 7pm UK time.

For anyone reading this or watching in other regions, that’s 2pm eastern and 11am pacific.

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These Fortnite live events will typically last between five to 10 minutes in-game, but who knows, with this event seemingly being 'bigger' its possible it could be longer.

Especially if, as some predicte, the event is going to trigger more than a simple event, but a full scale map change and the start of season 11 almost immediatly.

Something tells us though, that we could have to wait until next week for the full season refresh, so we're not anticipatching any server downtime for the time being.

That being said, we'll of course update this page with more information throughout the day should anything change, or leak

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