Fortnite: Everything You Need To Know About The Chrome Mechanic

Learn everything there is to know about the Chrome mechanic! When a Fortnite season comes to an end a new one starts, there are always mechanics that come and go. Since it's a constantly updated game, change needs to occur to keep it fresh and exciting for both new players and veterans.

The new Chrome mechanic is the star of the show in this Paradise season. Though it may seem simple at first, it takes a while to master every trick you can do with it. Using it during a match and incorporating it into your gameplay can give you an advantage and have a big role in getting a Victory Royale.

How To Become Chromed

The Chrome mechanic was added to the game as part of Chapter Three Season Four, however, it may be here to stay. Chrome has taken over the map in such a way that there are even POIs that have been completely overtaken by it and are totally chromified. These are:

Reality TreeShiny SoundChromejam Junction
Lustrous LagoonChrome CrossroadsHerald's Sanctum
Shimmering ShrineFort JonesyCloudy Condos

Although you can become chromed in certain areas of the map with a Chrome Tornado, there is also an item that you can take with you that'll turn you into chrome.

ItemLocationHow It Works
Chrome TornadoThere are a couple of Chrome Tornados on the Battle Royale map. You can usually find the tornados near the Herald's Sanctum and Flutter Barn.To become chromed, all you have to do is approach the tornado and enter it. It'll immediately chromify you.

You can then exit the tornado and glide away, the more you spin around in it, the higher you'll be able to go.

Chrome SplashChrome Splash can be found inside regular chests, and rare chests. It can also appear as floor loot, and it can even pop out of chrome structures and objects in Chrome biomes as you break them.Chrome Splash is an Epic rarity throwable item that turns you and your surroundings into chrome.

To use the Chrome Splash, simply aim at whatever you want to chromify and then throw it; it works on you and your teammates, enemy players, structures, wildlife, vehicles, and chests.

How Chrome Works

The chrome mechanic's effects vary according to what it has been used on. For example, chromifying a player isn't the same as chromifying a car. Let's take a look at what differs in each case.

PlayersWhen chromed, you can play regularly or turn into a Chrome Blob by using the sprint option. When in blob form, you will be immune to fall damage, and you will be able to can move faster; you can even use your stamina by pressing jump twice to dash and leap forward.

Being chromed also causes you to become immune to fire and to heal 1 HP every couple of seconds if you're not at 100 HP.

There are no downsides when it comes to the chrome mechanic; it's always worth using when given the chance.

StructuresChromified structures are either the structures of buildings and houses in chromed-named locations or player-built structures that have been hit with a Chrome Splash and turned to chrome.

Chrome structures, just like players, will heal over time, and are immune to fire, even if they were made of wood originally.

It's possible to phase through chrome walls, providing different and new gameplay options. You can hide in strange places, pop out and take your enemies by surprise, and take shortcuts.

WildlifeIt's possible for animals to spawn as chrome sometimes. Chrome wildlife doesn't need to eat consumables to heal since they'll heal over time.
VehiclesUnfortunately, chromified vehicles can't phase through structures. The only thing they'll do is heal themselves naturally. It might be worth chromifying a car if it's got a burst tire, for example.
ChestsIn chrome-named locations, you'll always find chromified chests. This means that the chest will provide the loot that it would normally, but it will also give you an additional weapon.

The additional weapon will always be a chrome weapon, either the EvoChrome Burst Rifle or the EvoChrome Shotgun.

EvoChrome Weapons

EvoChrome weapons were added with the chrome mechanic. They can be found as floor loot and inside chrome chests. There are only two EvoChrome weapons in the game: the EvoChrome Burst Rifle and the EvoChrome Shotgun.

They can be found as Uncommon rarity weapons, and as you deal damage with it, a meter will increase. Once it's full, the option to evolve the weapon will appear onscreen. You can evolve an EvoChrome weapon by hitting the reload button; however, there needs to be enough ammo to actually reload it as it's upgraded.

Upgrading an EvoChrome weapon will increase its rarity, which turns it into a more powerful weapon.

Grabbing an EvoChrome weapon in the early game and dealing tons of damage with it right away will certainly give you an advantage compared to other players. However, you will need to deal a higher amount of damage each time you upgrade it.

But, if you manage to do it, these weapons can evolve all the way up to Mythic rarity, which is pretty intimidating. An evolved EvoChrome weapon will have a better DPS and fire rate.

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