Fortnite Fans Think They’ve Spotted Metal Gear’s Gray Fox In Chapter 4 Trailer

Fortnite's Fracture event took place on Saturday, ending chapter three and ushering in chapter four a few hours later. A number of new crossover characters have already been confirmed for chapter four via the trailer and the loading screen, but fans who have been analyzing every last frame of that launch trailer think they might have spotted something, or rather someone, else.

As first highlighted by Hypex on Twitter, the character that many people are convinced they have spotted is Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid. The incredibly blurry shot of the mysterious character has generated a lot of debate. Judging by the replies to the tweet below, and a thread it has generated on ResetEra, Fortnite players are either convinced it's Gray Fox or don't think it's the Metal Gear character at all.

The color scheme is clearly the main reason why some Fortnite players think a Metal Gear crossover is coming in chapter four. There's an extra detail, though, which appears to be the mitigating factor for many people. The red line that looks like it's emitting from the blurry character's head. Reminiscent of the laser that comes from that exact same spot in Metal Gear Solid, providing enough evidence for many people that it must be Gray Fox.

One of the arguments against it being the Metal Gear character has been well, why Gray Fox? The quick response to that, which has been made many times, is he probably won't be the only character if there is a crossover. Solid Snake would obviously be the headliner, but perhaps Gray Fox could be one of many Metal Gear characters added to Fortnite in the near future.

As touched upon above, there are plenty of confirmed crossovers for Fortnite players to enjoy for the time being. Hulk and MrBeast were a part of the Fracture event, and then Doom Slayer and Geralt were confirmed via the chapter four loading screen and then shown off properly in the launch trailer. Naturally, both of them bring a number of items and cosmetics to the island with them.

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