Fortnite Flosses Its Way To PS5 During Showcase Event

During the PS5 Showcase we learned that you can do all of your Fortnite dances, including the floss, on next-gen.

It may not have been the biggest reveal in the world, but it is one of the world’s biggest games—which may explain why Sony wanted to give it 15 seconds of its showcase event. Given that Fortnite is a kind of nexus for pop culture, it makes sense that the game is going to be available on the new console.

The PS5 showcase event held a lot of major title announcements, including one for Final Fantasy XVI—which was the second time a Twitter handle proved to be evidence of a game’s existence, so keep an eye for those. Of course, Fortnite is going to have its time on the console and you can rest assured that the game will still be free and all of your progression will transfer over.

Right now, Fortnite is teasing a crossover with Rocket League, so we may see that event come to the new console as well. No changes to the core game were announced today, so you can expect the same Fortnite experience you have always enjoyed, but the graphics will probably look a lot better.

The PS5 will cost $399 for the digital edition and $499 for the regular edition and will drop in the US on November 19.

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