Fortnite Has Buffed Snipers To Make Headshots Kill In One Hit

The latest season of Fortnite is finally upon us and, along with adding new points of interest to the map and mechanics like being able to turn into chrome, it's given snipers a massive buff that can let them kill in one shot again.

Although most Fortnite players would agree that snipers are still one of the most powerful class of weapons in the game, they've been heavily nerfed for some time compared to how they played in earlier seasons. While they used to be able to take out players with one headshot, they were nerfed some time ago and changed the damage value to make it take two or three headshots to down a fully shielded player.

That's about to change, though. As pointed out by reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX, Epic highlighted an overall damage and headshot multiplier for all sniper rifles on its blog post about the changes that have been made in the latest season. It specifically points out that players with a good enough aim can now potentially take others out with just one shot to the head, which is quite the buff and putting the snipers more in line with how they used to be.

The paragraph highlighting the buff to snipers reads, "Speaking of weapons, Sniper weapons across the board (including ones still vaulted) have had their damage and their headshot multipliers increased. Expert marksmen and trickshotters rejoice, because now one shot could be all it takes to send someone back to the Lobby. Keep your head on a swivel and — if your aim is on-point — one-shot opponents with certain Snipers once again. (Even in Zero Build!)"

Epic then lists all of the sniper weapons that have been affected by the buff, with a few of them getting headshot multiplier buffs alongside the damage buff. Some of them, such as the Heavy and Storm Scout sniper rifle, only get a headshot multiplier buff, presumably because their damage was already high enough to begin with.

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