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Get the Pickle Rick back bling by completing the new Horde Rush challenges. The Fortnitemares event might be over, but that doesn't mean it's all gone just yet. The Horde Rush game mode was added to the game with the Fortnitemares update, but it's here to stay for a little longer.

The Horde Rush ³ Zero Build mode got a new set of quests that allows you to unlock a special collab back bling. That's right, Fortnite is teaming up with Rick and Morty once again, and giving away a Pickle Rick cosmetic item to those who complete enough Horde Rush quests before time runs out.

How To Play Horde Rush

To play the Horde Rush – Zero Build mode, open the Discovery menu and take a look through the Featured tab. Alternatively, you can go to the By Epic tab to find it there as well, next to the Arena and Creative modes.


Horde Rush is a mode in which Cube Monsters (purple zombie-like creatures) continuously spawn in hordes, and you have to keep defeating them and make it out alive in the end.

There are three rounds in a Horde Rush match. In all of them, you will have to eliminate large hordes of Cube Monsters and then follow a small storm circle as it moves to a completely different area of the map.

After this, the round will end, and you will have a few seconds to gear up once more and collect ammo.

If you're overtaken by monsters during the first two rounds, you'll respawn in the following round. However, in the final round, you'll be eliminated for good and lose the game.

After successfully playing through the first two rounds, you will have to fight a giant boss. Cube Monsters will continue to spawn during this round, but they're only a small obstacle, and they'll keep reappearing until you defeat the boss.

If you take care of the Cube Monster boss, the match will end, and you'll achieve victory.


Playing this mode solo is difficult since hundreds and hundreds of monsters will appear in massive hordes, so it's always better to play in teams or use the 'fill' option when entering a game. The 'fill' option will make sure that you end up with three other teammates even if they're not on your Friends list.

Horde Rush is not at all like the Battle Royale game mode, so it's not advised to use the same type of gameplay you would normally use.

Shotguns and Sniper Rifles are powerful weapons in a Battle Royale game; however, here, these weapons are probably something you'll want to avoid taking with you since they can only take care of a Cube Monster at a time.

What you need are weapons that will prevent you from getting overrun. Junk Rifts are extremely powerful in this mode. If you throw a Junk Rift at a certain area, large objects will fall from the sky and hit the ground with an earthshaking force that will damage everything nearby. If you've got a large horde following you, this might just be your salvation as it can kill over 30 Cube Monsters at a time.

Explosive weapons such as the grenade launcher, grenades, clingers, and dynamite, can be dangerous since they can blow up in your face and damage you greatly; however, they can eliminate quite a lot of Cube Monsters at a time. At times this an extreme relief, especially if you're completely overrun.

Monsters differ in type, so be sure to take this into consideration when picking out the loot you want to take with you to the next round.

  • Ranged fiends throw fireballs.
  • Ice fiends can freeze your feet and slide down a mountain or into the storm.
  • Exploding brutes will blow up as you take them down.
  • Poison fiends will burst into stink bombs when eliminated.

All of these Cube Monsters will provide shield when eliminated.

  • Most fiend types will give you three shield when eliminated (except for the elite fiend which provides five shield).
  • The brute and the exploding brute provide ten shield.
  • The elite brute provides 15 shield.
  • The golden brute provides 20 shield.

Of course the more shield they grant, the higher their health bar. However, in a tight situation, this might just prevent you from being eliminated.

Horde Rush Quests

Horde Rush will be available until the start of downtime for update v22.40 on November 15.

You'll also get 20,000 XP for each quest you complete, which is over two levels worth of experience points. If you complete eight out of the nine available quests, you'll also achieve the Horde Rush Bonus Goal, and receive the special event cosmetic reward — a Pickle Rick back bling.

QuestHow to complete
Collect score multipliers (20)Multiplier score bonuses will spawn on the map once the monster spawners start appearing as well. You can check your minimap to see exactly where they've spawned.

Then, go up to them and collect them by interacting with them. The higher your team multiplier, the more points you'll get at the end of the match.

Deal melee damage to Cube Monster spawners (6,000)Cube Monster spawners will appear as soon as a new round starts. Get your harvesting tool out and start hitting it to make its health go down.

The more you hit the spawner, the more monsters will spawn, so you might want to take a step back and move to another spawner temporarily before coming back. This is the easier way to complete the challenge without being overtaken by Cube Monsters.

Earn 2,000,000 combined team pointsOnce the match comes to an end, whether you've lost the battle or achieved victory, you'll receive a certain amount of team points. You will have to reach 2,000,000 team points across all the Horde Rush games you play.
Earn a Team Score of at least 350,000 in a single matchYou will get a final Team Score at the end of each Horde Rush match, but it can be difficult to reach such a high number as 350,000 in a single match.

The trick here is to catch as many multipliers as possible so that at the end of the game, they'll significantly increase your team score.

Earn a x50 KO streakThe game tracks how many kills you get in a row during the Horde Rush game mode. A bar will appear onscreen with the number of kills in your streak, and if it goes down, you will lose your streak.

The best way to reach this KO number is to gather spam weapons such as the Sideways Minigun, the Sideways Rifle, SMGs and get a ton of grenades and junk rifts. Junk rifts will fall and destroy a large area nearby, and everything within this area will take a lot of damage.

You don't have to reload Sideways weapons, but they will overheat as you use them.

Eliminate Cube Monsters (500)Take down a total of 500 Cube Monsters to complete this quest. You can do this in just one match if you make it until the end.
Eliminate ranged Cube Monsters with Sideways weapons (100)Ranged Cube Monsters are those that will throw fireballs at you. Eliminate 100 of these Cube Monsters using either the Sideways Minigun, the Sideways Rifle, or the Sideways Scythe. Their aim is better when at a distance so you might want to get close to them using the Sideways Scythe to get a better chance at taking care of them.
Get headshots on Cube Monsters in a single match (70)SMGs have a high fire rate, and if you aim at a Cube Monster's head, you can get tons of headshots in a row.

However, given how many monsters will actually spawn throughout the match, it shouldn't be too difficult to complete this without trying.

Open chests in Horde Rush (45)In the Horde Rush mode, nearly every chest in a location will spawn, so in-between rounds, be sure to open as many as you can.

If you destroy spawners, they'll reveal a special rare chest inside that you can open as well.

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