Fortnite: How To Complete All Indiana Jones Quests

Although it was announced right at the start of the Season when the Battle Pass was released, the Indiana Jones skin only came out this week. But now the wait is finally over and it's time to unlock Indy in Fortnite.

Don't worry about time limits with this new outfit, you'll have until the end of the Season (September 17, 2022) to finish all the Indiana Jones quests and unlock the skin and its additional style. Here are all the quests and how you can complete them.

The Indiana Jones Quests Walkthrough

You won't get any experience points from completing Indiana Jones quests, however, you will receive tons of themed cosmetic items.

There are two pages of quests that you'll have to complete, finishing the first page will unlock the Indiana Jones outfit and allow you to move on to the next page. Finishing the second page will give you access to the Temple Explorer additional style.

Page One Quests

  • Use the Grapple Glove to swing off trees (10)

Complete this quest to receive the Raider's Relics harvesting tool.

  • Damage opponents while riding in or standing on a vehicle (500)

Since you can do this quest on any type of opponent and it doesn't have to necessarily be done on an enemy player, you can do this with Stormtroopers or a Loot Shark to make it easier. Complete this quest to receive the Rogue Archaeology wrap.

  • Search chests at Shifty Shafts (5)

Complete this quest to receive the Indiana Jones banner icon.

  • Collect the Durrrburger Relic from The Temple and The Ruins in a single match (2)

At The Temple, you can find the relic on the ground floor of the northern structure of the landmark. And, at The Ruins, go up the stairs on the eastern side of the landmark and it's on the left on the first floor. Complete this quest to receive the Expedition Bag back bling.

Page Two Quest

  • Damage opponents with a pistol (750)

Complete this quest to receive the First Misadventure loading screen.

  • Make Runaway Boulders roll for 100 meters in a single match (100)

​​​​​​​Complete this quest to receive the Doctor Jones emoticon.

  • Finish top five in a match

​​​​​​​Complete this quest to receive the Emergency Raft glider.

  • Stash an item of Mythic or Exotic rarity in a tent (1)

​​​​​​​Complete this quest to receive the Indy's Escape spray.

  • Find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines

Visit Shuffle Shrines west of The Joneses. Go around the location and you will find four statues scattered around the place with a light next to them – keep in mind that they will spawn in different places in different matches.

Take note of the symbol's color. Then, you will have to go to the center of the location where you will find four similar statues. You will have to turn them so that they're facing away from the door in the same colors are the other statues. The secret door will then open up. ​​​​​​​Complete this quest to receive the Indy's Dustoff emote.

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