Fortnite Is Officially Crossing Over With My Hero Academia

Fortnite is officially crossing over with My Hero Academia in Chapter 4 by adding Deku and his One For All abilities to the game. An insider has also claimed that more characters from the series are going to follow suit.

Fortnite finished its third Chapter last night with the Fracture event, which introduced the new map and confirmed some of the crossovers that we're getting in Chapter 4, including Doom Slayer, Hulk, Geralt of Rivia, and MrBeast. One crossover that was hinted at in the trailer was My Hero Academia, as a pickaxe was seen floating around the void that had the same colour scheme as All Might.

Well, there wasn't much time for speculation, as Epic confirmed the crossover is real in the Chapter 4 gameplay trailer. Towards the end of the trailer, Deku is seen running towards some enemies before jumping into the air and unleashing his One For All punch at a nearby building, completely knocking it down.

This confirms that My Hero Academia content is coming to Fortnite at some point during Chapter 4, but it also seems as if it'll be similar to the Dragon Ball event, as Deku is seen using his power in a similar way to the Kamehameha ability that came alongside Goku and the Dragon Ball characters. Deku even jumps into the air like Goku, implying the item will work similarly.

Unfortunately, we don't get to see if Deku wields an All Might pickaxe, so it's not clear if that's his or a hint that other characters from My Hero Academia are coming along as well. It'd make sense considering how many popular My Hero Academia characters there are, especially if their inclusion does end up being an event like when Dragon Ball was introduced.

With previous anime collaborations like Naruto and Dragon Ball, several different characters were added at once instead of just having the protagonist, so it seems likely the same will be true here. In fact, Naruto has even had two different waves of characters added, so there's hope for quite a few My Hero characters to join the game.

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