Fortnite Is Overhauling Its Reboot System

Fortnite is reportedly still figuring out how it can overhaul its reboot system. It has been a long time since the feature was introduced and little about it has changed. However, alterations that have seemingly been in the works for a while could be nearing completion.

Fortnite has often borrowed elements from other games, even without an official crossover. Just look at its recently vaulted Impostors mode, although there was eventually a Fortnite x Among Us team-up. Shortly after the arrival of Apex Legends, Epic decided it liked the idea of players being able to respawn. From that came Fortnite's take on the feature which remains in place now.

If you're working with others, when one of your teammates is eliminated they drop a reboot card. Pick it up and take it to a reboot van and that player gets a second chance. There have been rumors Epic has plans to change how that system works for a while, and now those rumors have resurfaced.

Instead of having to visit where their teammate fell for the card, other members of a squad will be given it automatically. That card will presumably still have to be taken to a reboot van, but in order to activate it, they'll have to spend some gold. If you don't have any gold, that means you can't get your squad mate back. It also means you'll have to weigh up whether the gold it'll cost you is worth having that particular player back by your side.

How much gold a reboot will cost hasn't been revealed. Neither has the potential rollout of these reboot changes. Again, it's something that appears to have been in the works for a while, but it resurfacing this week could mean Epic is nearing an official reveal. It's actually been a little quieter than usual on the Fortnite front, although it was revealed over the weekend that next season will be called Paradise and be chrome-themed.

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