Fortnite Players Aren’t Too Happy About The Return Of Hurdling And Shockwave Hammers

Fortnite players seem pretty mixed about the return of hurdling and the Shockwave Hammer, with players reporting bugs that are sending them into the sky and just generally hating the hammer.

After nearly a full month of having been removed from the game, Fortnite was updated just a few days ago to reintroduce hurdling and the infamous Shockwave Hammer. Although a weapon and movement mechanic being added back into Fortnite would usually be cause for celebration, the two were quite infamous when they were in the game, which has led to some pretty mixed reactions.

Over on the Fortnite subreddit, players are sharing some of their opinions on the return of these two features. Let's start off with Hurdling, which has been gone from the game for longer than the Shockwave Hammer and was generally more well-regarded. That good reception seems to have hurdled out of a window, however, as most players don't seem too happy with its return.

The main issue with hurdling currently seems to be that it's still pretty glitchy and keeps sending players high into the sky after use, causing them to instantly get killed when they hit the ground. This seems to be the reason Epic took it out in the first place, but the Fortnite subreddit is full of clips showing things going wrong all over again.

For example, Redditor RoyalMannequin shared a clip titled "I hate the hurdle mechanic…" that shows them using it after running towards a chest, only to be sent careening into the sky, all while "I Believe I Can Fly" plays in the background. We don't get to see how it ends, but it seems that there was really only one way. Splat.

Another clip, posted by SpongeFreak52, shows a player in the same scenario, but this time dressed as Master Chief and being launched up outside of the Storm circle. The rest of the subreddit is full of players complaining that the same problem is happening to them, along with reporting that the feature also has a bug that prevents reloads from happening. Seems like it has more than one reason for being unpopular.

The Shockwave Hammer has always been pretty unpopular, with players having issues with the dangerous debris it sends out, the annoying movement tactics it allows, and the unpredictable attack pattern it has, which means that it's no surprise that players aren't happy that it's returned.

It's not quite as bugged as Hurdling, but it seems that its early departure was pretty celebrated by the community, as one of the most popular posts in the last week about the Shockwave Hammer is one that says "Rip bozo + L + you won’t be missed". It seems that these two features might have been better left in the vault.

Now let's just hope that they don't reintroduce Deku's Smash or the whole of Fortnite is going to be a pretty unhappy place.

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