Fortnite Save the World update 9.40 includes Birthday Llamas and Season 10 sneak peek

A new update is being released this week and it’s bringing some great free rewards to Fortnite Save the World.

Patch 9.40 is expected to go live in the coming days on PS4, Xbox One and PC and will include some notable loot for STW gamers.

Epic Games has announced that The year 2 Birthday Llamas will be released very soon and will give fans a chance at unlocking heroes and weapons from past Fortnite events.

Dupe prevention has been confirmed as in place for the new Birthday Llamas, which could be arriving in-game as early as tomorrow, July 16.

Epic Games hasn’t released their update scheduled for this week yet but it will no doubt include downtime and a new download.

The dev team has also revealed that the year 2 Birthday Llama will cost 1,000 Summer Tickets, and has higher chances of giving legendary event items.

“This llama guarantees an event Weapon Schematic and Hero in every llama, with at least one of them being a Legendary (or Mythic chance for Heroes)… and sometimes both can be Legendary!” a message from Epic Games reveals.

“The llama will pull from any event item that you’ve missed to help fill out your collection.

“Note for dupe protection: This occurs AFTER the rarity and weapon type has been selected. (e.g. If you have the full set of Epic items in the weapon type; you will start to get duplicates, even if you’re still missing Legendary ones as the system will not re-roll or roll upwards).

​”A quick note on Summer Tickets and the Birthday Llama. Any remaining Summer Tickets on your account will not convert to Birthday Llamas when the season ends. Instead, they will be converted to Sci-fi Llamas.”

The good news is that while Birthday Llamas can be earned through Summer Tickets, a free Year One Llama will be available to everyone for a short period.

These won’t be available this week but have been confirmed for release on the official Store page on July 25th.

The Year 1 Llama available will be free to claim until July 28, with Season 10 expected to kick off in early August.

And speaking of Season 10, Epic Games has also teased the arrival of emotes and other effects.

Save The World players will be able to use any unlocked emotes from Battle Royale mode, while the existing Ride the Pony and Dance Moves remaining in place.

Talking to fans online, the Save the World team revealed a few more details, adding: “You will be able to set which emotes are in the primary wheel from StW once they are added. You won’t have to switch modes.

“You will be able to use any emotes you have, whether from the item shop, the battle pass, or the two founder emotes you already have.

“The emote wheel will work the same way as it does in BR. So yes, you can have more than 2 at a time.”

No official date has been given for the start of Season 10 in Fortnite Save the World and Fortnite Battle Royale.

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