Fortnite Season 10 loading screens: All Season X hidden battle star map locations REVEALED

Fortnite developer Epic Games has completely changed the way challenges work in Season 10.

Instead of a mixture of free and Battle Pass challenges, Epic now releases a selection of 14 themed challenges each week.

Furthermore, completing the full set of challenges no longer unlocks a hidden loading screen. Instead, players must complete three limited-time challenges from that week to unlock the hidden loading screen.

Loading screens contain clues that lead to a hidden Battle Star, which is a fun way of levelling up that Battle Pass.

The week one limited-time challenges fell under the BRUTE umbrella; week two limited-time challenges were called Shootout at Sundown; and the week three challenges are dubbed The Leftovers.

The first three sets of limited time loading screens can be seen below. Express Online has even circled the clues, just in case you’re struggling to find the Battle Star map location.

If you’ve unlocked the loading screens and don’t know where to look, we’ve even marked the three hidden Battle Star locations on the map below.

The BRUTE loading screen features a set of co-ordinates pointing to map location D2/D3/E2/E3. The Battle Star can be found by the umbrella mine.

The Shootout at Sundown hidden loading screen contains a reference to the knife and fork ditches south of the Block.

As you can see from the map below, this can be found north-east of Fatal Fields. The Battle Star is between the knife and fork, within a patch of dirt.

The third hidden loading screen is a little harder to decipher because the image is so dark.

If you look really closely you can see a picture of Sofdeez on the Battle Bus. This points towards the ice cream shop north of Paradise Palms.

Once you get to the point of interest, head inside the ice cream shop and go behind the counter to grab the Battle Star.

Check back next week for the Week 4 limited-time challenges and Battle Star locations.

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