Fortnite: Spirit Crystal And Shadow And Ghost Ruins Quest Guide

This week’s Fortnite challenges are out and we have now officially entered the eleventh week of Season six Chapter two. Season seven is just around the corner so you’ll need to get these challenges done as soon as you can before time runs out.

If you haven’t started working on the Neymar Jr. quests, it’s best that you do it now since these are the last couple of weeks before the end of the season. We’ve already written a guide on how you can go over them in no time.

In this guide, we’ll let you know how to find the tallest mountain on the island and how to place a Spirit Crystal on top of it. We’ll also point you in the direction of all the shadow and ghost ruins.

None of the missions will take a long time to complete, so you can get them done in a couple of matches if you plan out your route beforehand.

How To Place Spirit Crystal At The Tallest Mountain

One of the challenges this week requires you to find the tallest mountain on the Battle Royale island. There are quite a few tall places in the game so which mountain is the tallest?

The tallest mountain is the one that towers over the Weather Station landmark, southeast of Lazy Lake.

To place the spirit crystal, you can either leave the battle bus and land on top of the mountain or gather a few weapons and materials to be saved and then climb up.

Once you’re atop the tallest mountain, you’ll notice a crystal. That’s the spirit crystal. Approach the crystal and interact with it by pressing and holding the ‘Place’ button.

Where To Find GHOST And SHADOW Ruins

To complete this challenge you’ll need to visit three different ruins around the map. These places will be quite busy all week since most players are going to be doing the challenges. So, be sure to come armed in case someone attacks you before you get there.

Here is where you can find all of the three ruins:

Near Catty Corner

The first ruins are located near Catty Corner. Start going up the road that leads to Retail Road and then turn right on the first exit. It’ll lead you to the **REDACTED** landmark, this landmark counts as a ruin for this week’s challenge.

North of Coral Castle

The next ruin is just north of Coral Castle. It is a landmark named Sharky Shell. It is here that Ghost used to operate. Now, all that remains is the ruins of a prison that has been completely destroyed.

Between Retail Row and Dirty Docks

There used to be a Shadow hideout named The Grotto. Its ruins still rest there, it is now a hole covered with water. You can find it north of Retail Row and south of Dirty Docks. As soon as you approach the circular pool, it’ll count towards the challenge.

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