Fortnite surprise update released TODAY, here are the known patch notes

A new Fortnite update has been released today (November 7, 2019) for PlayStation 4, but not for any of the games other platforms (Xbox One, PC, Mobile or Nintendo Switch).

According to Epic Games, this new update is intended to resolve issues of hitching on the PS4.

A Tweet sent this afternoon from the Fortnite Status twitter account reads:

"We have released a new patch (v11.10.2) on PlayStation 4 today to resolve reported issues of hitching.

"A download is required. Thanks to everyone for submitting feedback!"

For those who don't know, 'Hitching' is related to issues with a games frame rate, usually resulting in stuttering or gameplay otherwise becoming juddery for no apparent reason.

As mentioned players on PS4 will be required to download a new update for the game before they can proceed.

Thankfully it's only around 300MB in size so shouldn't cause any issues with players needing more hard drive space.

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