Fortnite update 10.20.1 patch notes: Epic releases surprise download – here’s what it does

Fortnite fans can download a new update on Xbox One, PC and iOS, as Epic Games releases a new set of patch notes.

The surprise 10.20.1 update makes one or two changes to improve stability and fix some problems, particularly with Creative mode.

In more good news, the update doesn’t require any server downtime, although it will need to be downloaded.

The news was announced by Epic Games on Twitter: “We released a small patch today to improve stability on several platforms and fix some Creative issues. This patch will require a download.”

According to the patch notes, the update fixes a problem with unmanned vehicles triggering damage traps.

Arguably the biggest fix involves settings not being respected in featured portals.

Epic warns that some players may experience issues logging into Creative following the release of the patch.

“Players may be kicked while trying to join Creative Islands initially after the patch,” Epic explains. “This issue should resolve as we rollout new servers.”

The full patch notes can be seen below…

Fortnite update 10.20.1 patch notes in full….

• Unmanned vehicles will again trigger damage traps.

• A large shadow no longer appears while in fly mode.

• Certain settings on devices were not being respected in featured portals. This included Trigger visibility, Barrier color choice, and other devices that included setting options for gameplay only.

• The Music sequencer will play for both the client and server.

• Vehicles will spawn on game start instead of in the warm-up portion.

• Players may be kicked while trying to join Creative Islands initially after the patch. This issue should resolve as we rollout new servers.

The previous Fortnite update added the Borderlands crossover event, as well as the Shield Bubble item.

Fortnite fans have been treated to some surprise changes as part of update 10.20.

The Borderlands Rift Zone brings the rules of Pandora to Fortnite, which means players will generate shield when avoiding damage. Pandora will be available until September 10.

Elsewhere, Epic Games has reduced BRUTE spawn rates and introduced the new Shield Bubble item.

The Shield Bubble, meanwhile, creates a large shield that blocks projectiles and explosives.

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