Forza Horizon 4 And 5 With DLC Can Currently Be Bought For 61p Due To A Pricing Error

The racing titles Forza Horizon 4 and 5 along with DLC can currently be purchased for the bargain price of £0.61 due to a pricing error.

Gamers can find the link to buy the games here. The error was spotted by games journalist Liam Robertson. "It's in Swedish but I used a UK account using my credit card and it worked fine. Get it before they notice," Robertson tweeted.

The error likely won't last for very long, so Xbox players this is your chance to pick up these two games for super cheap. Both titles are great racing games and considering you're getting the Premium Pack and including all the DLC it's a bit of a no brainer.

Like Robertson said, hurry though, while the offer still stands. Shoppers will need a payment method with a valid address otherwise you'll be prompted for a Swedish one as the link takes you to a Swedish version of the Xbox store.

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