Full Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Art Revealed, Seems To Be Teasing Kingdom Hearts 4

The full Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary art has been been revealed, and it seems to be teasing Kingdom Hearts 4.

On the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts' release, Tetsuya Nomura shared a first look at a piece of art he was making for the anniversary event. That event is currently happening live in Tokyo right now, and those attending have got to see a special first look at the art.

Twitter user aibo_ac7 shared a picture of the art, which showcases almost all of the main characters in the series. On the top left we have all of the Guardians of Light, as well as the Foretellers, while the bottom of the image has all of Organisation 13. The middle section showcases different versions of Sora, although one is currently covered up.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the art is that it seems to be teasing a fourth Kingdom Hearts. Four boxes can be seen in the center of the image, each containing a drawing of Sora holding his fingers up. Each box has Sora from a different mainline Kingdom Hearts game holding up a finger to note which game he's from.

The fourth box is currently covered up by a 20th anniversary sticker, presumably to be revealed either during the live event or after it finishes. If that box follows the conventions of the other images, it could show Sora (or another character like Yozora) holding up four fingers to tease the next game.

Tetsuya Nomura also left a special message at the event, which has been translated by KH13. It reads, "When I look back on the past, I think back to the time I first started this project called Kingdom Hearts. I put everything I had into it, even to the point of becoming an empty shell whenever I finish working. I want everyone to be happy, after all, that's what I've always been trying to do."

The message continues, "What is this story of the heart being told throughout the series?

These stories of the heart told in my works are a reminder of those hearts that are no longer with us. Those hearts are always there, staying by your side. That's what I think. Thank you so much for your support over the past 20 years. And I look forward to everyone's support in the future."

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