GAME planning surprise PS5 restock for Black Friday 2021 suggests leak

New stock information suggests that GAME are going to get more stock of the PS5 console in the next few days, and possibly on Black Friday.

GAME already had a restock of PlayStation 5 consoles last week, but insider information suggests it will have another possibly as early as this week.

It was always expected that the gap between restocks would shorten in the run-up to Christmas and now stock checker PS5 Stock UK suggests that GAME will get more consoles in for Tuesday, November 30 or… Black Friday.

Predicting when exactly retailers will get more stock is always difficult, as it depends on logistics that only work themselves out at the last minute. But somewhere between Friday, November 26 and Tuesday, November 30 seems to be the plan at the moment.

That will mean that normal deliveries are shipped by December 9 and priority insured deliveries by December 3, so in plenty of time for Christmas.

There will probably be more restocks before Christmas, at other retailers if not GAME, but obviously things are starting to get close to the big day at that point.

The big question for the moment is whether the restock will be for Black Friday and if that means there’ll be any discounts.

GAME’s Black Friday deals so far have been some of the worst of any of the major retailers, so there is certainly a sense that they’re holding back – although that could just be for new game deals on Friday itself.

If the PlayStation 5 restock is timed for Black Friday the chances of it being cheaper than normal are basically zero, given GAME could easily increase the price and sell just as many – so there’s nothing for them to gain by lowering it.

What is relatively likely though are bundles. Ones that might seem relatively expensive but overall would represent a saving on the console, combined with whatever games and peripherals they throw in as well.

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