Gamers Are Mad At Aloy’s Cheeks In Horizon Forbidden West Because Of Course They Are

Horizon Forbidden West has been been a staggering success for Sony, hurtling in as the underdog with a record-breaking State of Play. However, it wouldn’t be the internet without a game catching the ire of players over something as innocuous and inoffensive as Aloy’s cheeks.

You see, they’re a bit bigger than in Zero Dawn which, for most, is something that would likely not even slip by their radar. For others, it’s a huge problem. There are those calling her derogatory terms, editing her face to enlarge it further, and poking fun in a whirlwind of fat-shaming over a character that isn’t even remotely overweight.

One player even said, “Don’t they learn from the mistakes of other games or what?” This is likely in reference to The Last of Us 2 and Mortal Kombat 11 or, if it isn’t, they’re both games that also got a lot of flack for how their women looked. That being muscular and with more clothing on. Both games were gigantic success stories for their respective studios.

It’s an uphill battle with developers and handling women leads, with Far Cry 6’s own announcement sparking a slew of questionable comments. In that game, you can play as a man or woman, and there have been countless replies to these stories online varying from, “Thank god, I don’t have to play as a woman” to still being mad that the choice is even there.

Although, this is for certain a vocal minority, an uproar from a circus of hyenas all crying out, using platforms like Reddit and Twitter to amplify their outrage. It’s not indicative of what people think, and The Last of Us 2 is proof enough with it breaking records in its sales in spite of the naysayers claiming it was a dumpster fire of a disaster.

As it stands, Forbidden West is the most-watched State of Play after one day, and it’s already making waves online. It’s likely to be a huge hit in sales, too, when it does eventually launch. Aloy’s cheeks are a strange point to get hung up on, especially in the face of stunning next-gen visual fidelity and all the new gameplay announcements like her hang-glider.

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