Games Inbox: Are you planning to get Mortal Kombat 11?

The evening Inbox is concerned at the Switch’s barren release schedule, as one reader wonders what next gen controllers will look like.

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Natural end

The retro outfits and characters might appeal to hardcore fans but I don’t see anything in the previews I’ve read that make me think it’s worthwhile. I’m what I suppose you would call a casual fan of fighters in general but it’s pretty obvious that the whole idea has gone about as far as you can go now.

I still think there’s more they could do in terms of single-player but I get the impression that this is too costly to really be worth the bother for anyone but Nintendo now. Beyond that what can you do? Make up new fighters, new fatalities, and more rules – then change them back next time just for the illusion change.

Don’t think this is anyone’s fault in particular but no idea can go one for ever and it feels to me like fighters have just reached their natural end. I mean, what could Capcom possible do with Street Fighter VI? I can’t think of anything, and I suspect neither can they.


Same again

Is it just me or is Nintendo messing up this year even worse than they did last year? Yoshi the only major game they’ve got for the whole first half of the year and I really wouldn’t call that major really. Then it’s Super Mario Maker 2 and Fire Emblem? Not particularly big games either and both look like they could’ve easily been on the Wii U, if not original Wii.

I know it’s almost pointless asking but what have Nintendo been doing for the last couple of years? They seemed so on the ball in the first year of the Switch and now it’s slowed down to two major games a year (both at Christmas) and just a handful of other minor things. I don’t see it being any different this year and to be honest you’d have to say that probably means it won’t be much different next year either.


Zelda formula

Weird news about the new Zelda but if that means an official annoucement is going to be earlier than we thought then I’m all for it. Despite that good Nintendo Direct for indies we’re still pretty thin on the ground for new Switch games and we still have no idea when Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion 3 are going to be out, which at this point has got to mean a delay is possible.

What I wonder is whether the new Zelda is being set up to be something for their next console, so it can be released on both like Breath Of The Wild was. That also worked out pretty well for Twilight Princess so I wonder if Nintendo thinks that’s the secret formula?

In a way it kind of is because it means they’re not really rushing to make a deadline, just as long as it’s ready for the new console. Which Nintendo would probably delay for the game anyway. I always want more Zelda but I’d rather have it good than early.


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New design

Some interesting comments about the design of the next gen consoles. I would certainly welcome something other than just another big plastic box. But what also interests me is what can be done about controllers? Is there anywhere else for them to go now, considering the DualShock seems here to stay (Google even copied it, for some reason) and in trying to improve the Xbox 360 controller Microsoft just ended up making it slightly worse.

Even Nintendo’s Pro Controller is basically the same as Microsoft’s, which as become the default for the whole of gaming now. That’s not really a complaint though. It does feel like everything has been done and there’s not really anywhere else to go at this point. But, of course, you can’t make people buy new ones if they’re not different, so they’ll have to do something.

The only thing I can suggest is a more versatile rumble and the same build quality of the Xbox One Elite controller. The paddles on that are great but I assume they’re always going to be too expensive for a mass-produced model.


Switch Kombat

With your feature today about Mortal Kombat 11 I was just wondering if you’d seen the game working on the Switch?

And if so is it a different company doing a port or is it the real deal with a drop in graphical performance?
Nick The Greek

GC: We haven’t seen it but apparently it’s fairly impressively, with NetherRealm using different, lower polygon character models but still 60fps. We don’t think Warner are allowing any footage to be shown yet though.


Show me the money

Count me as one of those that was underwhelmed by the Borderlands 3 trailer. If you’d told me that was some kind of fan-made trailer made up of bits and pieces of the existing game I would have totally believed you. I know the games have never been that big budget but I thought that was the whole point of the long delay? That they were getting a big upgrade in budget so it could compete head-on with games like Destiny and The Division.

Somehow I doubt Bungie and Ubisoft are quaking in their boot after that trailer. It almost looks like an indie game really, with the cel-shaded graphics not doing anything to hide the low poly character models and primitive facial animation.

You can hear that the bit people got excited about in the trailer was when they switched to different locations, presumably different worlds, i.e. the only bit that seemed like it was majorly different to before. I’m not saying the game is definitely going to turn out bad but this was not a convincing reveal for me.


Service unspecified

I personally am really excited for Borderlands 3, being a huge fan of the previous games. The trailer looked great to me. I am glad Gearbox have not tried to change anything to fit in with today’s live service games, the original looter shooter is very welcome round here.

I have seen some people mention the graphics being no better, I fail to see how cel-shading can be improved upon if that is the style you are doing. The trailer was obviously full of fan service, but it’s true fans who will be buying it anyway, Roll on 3 April for more news, and of course Borderlands remastered.

GC: The trailer said nothing about whether it’s a game as a service title or not, or indeed anything substantial about the gameplay or structure.


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Big Tina

I’ve just watched the Borderlands 3 trailer, unlike most in the Underbox (including one that doesn’t give a stuff about it so much he posted it twice to separate people) I’m stoked for it.

I must have put 300 or so hours into Borderlands 2, first on the Xbox 360 then the Handsome Collection on PlayStation 4. And for a while I really thought the third one would never come to fruition. I’m really happy it’s finally coming and looks to have a lot of new additions.

The thing that sealed it for me though was a slight glimpse of an older Tiny Tina, easily one of my fave characters in any video game ever. I do hope she’s given more than just a bit part in this one though (which they did kind of rectify by making her front and centre in the best chunk of DLC released for Borderlands 2).

Not quite so sure why they remastered the first one though? Apart from 2 getting the VR treatment perhaps, but even then I’d say Borderlands 1 is easily the weakest of the 3 Borderlands games, although I’m sure many would argue that honour goes to the pre-sequel.

I’d have definitely bought a remastered Borderlands 2 but I’ll pass on the original and just wait for Borderlands 3. As a fan I should buy the VR game really, but I haven’t had the headset out the box since finishing the wonderful Astro Bot, and I have no real inclination to play on it anymore. The novelty soon wore off for me sadly, as did constant repositioning and wiping off condensation from the lenses. As much as I adored Astro Bot, once I finished it I was happy to go back to flat screen gaming again.
Lost Sock

GC: Borderlands 1 seems an odd choice to us too; the suggestion is that it’s because the third game is skewing closer to the original than the sequel. Although hat in itself seems a curious choice.


Inbox also-rans

I’m getting really worried there’s been no further hints about a sci-fi Dark Souls. At one point that was the most popular rumour, but now nobody’s talking about it!

Just beaten Sekiro, what a game! And you know I’m feeling pretty good about myself too. I might get thrashed at Fortnite but apparently I’m a ninja master!


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