Games Inbox: Are you still interested in Death Stranding?

The Monday Inbox thinks Blizzard should start making animated movies, as one reader praises the Disney-esque qualities of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

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Dare to enjoy
So those Death Stranding reviews were a lot lower than I was expecting. I knew GC’s review would give it a lower score, as it sounded pretty bad when you ignored all the hype, but I’m actually glad to see so many others followed suit. The ones giving it 10/10 just come across as a bit crazy, as just reading the detail of the reviews you can tell it’s nowhere close to that.

Although I did enjoy Metal Gear Solid V I had a feeling that Death Stranding would see Hideo Kojima indulging his worst tendencies and while, according to GC, he’s held back a bit he basically seems to have made a purposefully boring game and sort of dared people to enjoy it. Or at least that’s my impression, I haven’t played it, obviously.

I wonder what affect this will have on people looking to buy the game as it is Sony’s big exclusive this Christmas. Normally with a review embargo this far in advance you assume it’s because the publisher thought it’d review well, so I’d love to know if this was a surprise to Sony. For me, I’ll wait for Black Friday when it’s obviously going to be one of the most prominent discounts.

The reviews did their job in lessening my expectations and stopping me from buying day one, which I can’t imagine is what Sony wanted.


A new kind of sequel
I never played the original Overwatch but I will say I like the sound of how they’re handling the sequel. There’s not a lot of detail but as far as I understand they’re taking everything that was in the original and adding onto it, not starting from scratch with something new.

I’m sure some people will consider that lazy but as long as there ends up being as much new as old I think that’s perfectly reasonable. Especially as they seem to have been adding new characters for free ever since it came out.

We’re seeing with the problems Ubisoft are having that you can’t have dozens of games as a service games around at the same time and making a new sequel, like they did with The Division 2, just makes things even worse and puts people off both games. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the whole Hong Kong thing I’d probably be all for Overwatch 2 right now.


Us Zelda players
Thank you so much for the article about everything wrong with Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Can’t remember who wrote it but it doesn’t matter. Might I suggest that you don’t play it? In fact, us Zelda players don’t want you anywhere near it. Ocarina Of Time is not the better game. It has aged badly and was a product of the time. The article was just a moan for moan sake. I’m not keen on some games. Not saying they are bad, but they just don’t do it for me. What I do in this situation is I don’t play them.

Breath Of The Wild is a staggering feat of game development and should be celebrated instead of being picked on.

GC: He was critiquing a video game, not insulting your mother. Why are you so angry?


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Serious business
Maybe it’s because I’ve only ever played the third one but is Diablo not a weird kind of game to want to be all grimdark and serious? It’s a pretty silly set-up, especially if you’re playing it with a mouse and just clicking on things to hit them, and the story just seems to be generic fantasy 101.

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed the co-op on the PlayStation 4 but I’m not sure it would’ve been better if it had taken itself super seriously and had tons of gore. Maybe the story was serious, I kind of tuned all that out to be honest, but it all just seemed like a fun romp to me, not Game Of Thrones but with more monsters.

Clearly Blizzard feel they have to pander to their fans at their moment though so it is what it is. Although I’d much rather have seen them reverse their policy on Hong Kong than just give in to fan demands on their new sequels. Instead they just seem to have vaguely apologised and not changed their approach at all.


Almost half price
I have this 40% off code for an ‘In Cart Discount’ for use on the PlayStation Store that I’m not going to use, so I’ll give it away to a fellow Inboxer for a usable letter. But be quick, it expires on 08/11/2019.

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Oni-Samurai (PSN ID)
Currently Playing: Resident Evil 2 (PS4); Next: The Last Guardian and God Of War

GC: Thanks very much, we’ll pass it on to whoever writes the best letter.


Scared for your life
RE: Scary games. My choice here, I think will be a fairly unique one and is probably down to immersion, but I would have to say GTA 3. I’ve played many of the usual horror games and I’ve never really been scared by anything. Games like Resident Evil, Dead Space, and the P.T. demo, for example, have been tense at times but not scary for me.

But one mission in GTA 3 on the PlayStation 2 made me feel fearful for a short time. It was the mission where you had to go to the army base to steal a tank and whilst I was about to do it I got surrounded by soldiers and cornered in a house, but on my way in I was hit by a shower of bullets which instantly took most of my health.

That was the moment I felt almost scared for ‘my’ life. I managed to compose myself and make my escape, but I’ve never had quite the same scare in any other title ever since. I’d very much put myself into the shoes of the character I think. I loved GTA 3.


Disney magic
Haven’t played that much yet but damn, I’m really enjoying Luigi’s Mansion 3. The graphics and soundtrack are amazing and I’m really enjoying being a Ghostbuster again.

When Nintendo produce things like this it really makes me think that they are truly the Disney of gaming. Thanks Nintendo, for putting a huge smile on my face.


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Computer generated
I’m not particularly invested in any Blizzard game but I took a look at the announcements at the weekend out of curiosity and the thing that struck me was just how good the pre-rendered stuff was. They’ve always been good at that stuff, as far as I understand, but it was kind of jarring going from these Pixar quality mini-moves to the same old boring-looking gameplay that I couldn’t tell the difference from any of their other sequels.

I wonder whether they’ve ever thought of making an animated movie? Or did Final Fantasy put everyone off that for good? Given all the terrible video game movies that keep coming out I can’t think of any, other than Square Enix’s, that have actually been pre-rendered, which seems really odd to me. Surely a pre-rendered Tomb Raider would make a lot more sense than some random actress running around in some caves?

Resident Evil would go from cheesy, B-movie affects and actors to something that looked as good as the games. Mass Effect would never get the budget needed to do it live action but pre-rendered it could work. Most movies today are 50% CGI no matter what they are so it doesn’t seem much of a leap to me. But I think a lot of Westerners at least have that mentality that cartoons = kids. It’s a shame as I think that’s the only way we’d get a good adaption.


Inbox also-rans
‘Death Stranding is the most entertaining postal delivery simulator we’ve ever played; was a bold statement to read after enjoying Yoku’s Island Express lately. It got a higher score from GC, too!
Dynamite Headdy (@2Tweet2BeSour)

GC: It’s a much better game but we wouldn’t describe Yoku’s Island Express as a simulation.

Mass Effect Andromeda Standard Edition is on sale on PlayStation Store right now for £3.59 until 22/11, would you recommend it to be worth a punt at that price? I read the pages every day, please keep up your fantastic work!
ameisa (PSN ID)

GC: We didn’t enjoy at all, but if you’re a fan of the series at least your disappointment won’t leave you too much out of pocket.


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The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Grackle, who asks what is the worst sequel you’ve ever played?

If there’s one thing the video games industry is never short of its sequels, but which ones have you found the most disappointing? Was it because you were a big fan of the original or because you were really looking forward to the new one and expected it to be different to how it turned out?

How do you feel about sequels in general and how much do you look forward to them compared to original games? If the series in question got another sequel afterwards did you play that, and how did you feel about that?

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