Games Inbox: Are you still interested in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

The morning Inbox wishes Capcom All-Stars wasn’t just a collectible card game, as one reader looks forward to a new era of Mario Kart clones.

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Just impacted on the surface

For the record I agree with those arguing that EA are unfairly criticised sometimes, or rather that other companies should be criticised just as much as them. But another myth I’d like to explode when it comes to EA is that they know what they’re doing when it comes to marketing. There have actually been tons of examples of them messing up, or just not bothering, over the years but the way they’ve handled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order seems nothing short of tragic.

I would never have dreamed comparing the game to Dark Souls or Metroidvania based on what was shown and only learnt about any of the in GC’s preview. And EA has obviously realised that problem now with this slightly embarrassing blog post where the director basically apologies for the terrible demo and not actually explaining what the game was properly.

Everything EA touches with regards to Star Wars seems to turn to Bantha poodoo and I can’t imagine how many people they put off already with what they showed at E3. They’ve also released nearly half an hour of footage now, which I assume is the full demo of what GC played, but while you can see a bonfire equivalent there’s still no hint it’s a Metroidvania. Crazy.

GC: Yeah, that’s the level we played. The closest we got to any proof of Metroidvania was the dev vaguely pointing at the background and saying you could go that way too.


The good stuff

I’d say I wasn’t expecting GC to like Dying Light 2 but you mentioned it was good before so that’s not strictly true. But what I really wasn’t expecting was that it’d be quite a bit different from the first one. The stuff with the decisions does actually sound pretty great. I’m kind of surprised it isn’t done more often actually, to encourage multiple playthroughs in single-player games and the only thing I can really think of that’s kind of similar is SoulsBorne games when you realise you’ve missed your chance to unlock a secret.

Actually bothering to have a decent script is also a bit of a surprise for kudos to Techland for making the effort and taking the time to make sure everything is up to scratch. I already enjoyed the first game but after a spate of open world zombie games I wasn’t sure I was necessarily up for this, but it sounds good.

I still wish it didn’t have the destructible weapons (didn’t like it in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild either) but I can certainly put up for that for the rest of the good stuff.


Sadly understandable

For me the most disappointing no-show at E3 was any more remasters from Nintendo. I know some people may have been celebrating the opposite but I really wanted to see Metroid Prime Trilogy and assume the only reason it wasn’t announced is that Metroid Prime 4 is so far away that it doesn’t make sense to release it yet as a primer.

That’s sad face enough but I’d really like to Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 remastered for the Switch. They’re so much better than New Super Mario Bros. U it’s not funny, but I guess while that’s still in the charts there’s no need for more.

Nintendo aren’t quite as inscrutable as people make out sometimes but I think it’s even worse when you can see the cold business decisions behind everything.
Mighty Dux


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One step behind

If Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is as big a hit as it seems I wonder what effect that’s going to have on Battlefield. That series is in a sorry state now. No one liked Battelfield V from the start and they completely fumbled the ball over battle royale to he point where I don’t think I’ve heard anyone talk about it beyond the day it came out.

The obvious thing to do is go back to the modern day, and probably Bad Company, but just like with WWII and Battlefield V that’s going to look like they’re copying Call Of Duty again. Short of coming up with some amazingly original setting that nobody’s done before – which I don’t see how they can do given what kind of game it is – I think they’ve backed themselves in to a corner on this one.

Oh well, at least the graphics will be good I guess. I imagine Battlefield 6 will be a next gen game so that should be something at least.


Inevitable progress

As much as I regret the death of video game shops I really don’t see how they can avoid going the way of Blockbuster. As someone that used to be totally against digital downloads I can’t remember the last time I bought a boxed game and that means the only things I need physical stores for are the actual consoles and maybe a spare controller or something – but Amazon does perfectly well for that and is usually quite cheap.

Finally GAME stores with those stupid Funko Pops and other tat is not a way to keep a nationwide chain going. It’s sad but that’s progress for you. And I don’t mean that in that it’s positive (or negative) progress, just that it is what it is. Like Thanos, the death of the high street is inevitable.


Nothing times nothing

I gave up on Nioh recently. I had previously finished the main game, and some of the DLC, but was finding the remaining DLC levels too difficult. So I started the main game over on hard mode to grind for levels and equipment.

One of the main mechanics in the game is combining equipment – the maximum level that a piece of equipment can reach is 150, with divine level 10.

Divine equipment unlocks at the end of the game. To get divine level 10 you need to either find it or combine two divine level 9 pieces of equipment. To get 9, you need to join two 8s, and so on.

The problem is that, the majority of the divine equipment you will get is divine level 0, and to get divine level 1, you need to find some. Combining two level 0s, results in another level 0.

Though mathematically it sort of makes sense, it’s frustrating in that it makes the system inconsistent, and that it delays getting on that gear treadmill right at the end.

I hope that, if the system exists in the sequel, they fix that minor issue that really spoiled the end game for me.
Joseph Dowland


Making a list

I was just going to say Ultimate Marvel Super Heroes 3 is the summer game I’m most looking forward to, but there’s also Super Mario Maker 2 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses coming out in the next few weeks. Apparently Switch exclusives are like buses.

I’m interested in all three though and would be very surprised if they weren’t all at least decent. Can you say when the Super Mario Maker 2 embargo is, GC? I’d at least like to add or remove that from the list.

GC: It’s later today.


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Clone era

I think I’d probably love it if Mario Kart clones became a fad again. Sure, most of them were terrible but I was always fascinated by how many they were and wondered who’d be crazy enough to buy them. I’m sure there’s something you could do with Sony characters though and I’m surprised there was never a Harry Potter one back in the day, although I guess maybe that was just a bit too late.

As long as you don’t take them seriously you could easily make Mario Kart clones of Game Of Thrones, Marvel, Star Wars, DC… just about any major franchise. Not only that but publishers could easily tempt people into paying for extra characters or even having them in loot boxes.

On second thoughts maybe this isn’t a good idea. I hate how the idea of unlockable characters and items is now almost impossible thanks to microtransactions. Those old Mario Kart clones might’ve been bad but at least they were a complete package.


Inbox also-rans

Not technically video games but just so people know Capcom is planning to release a Capcom All-Stars collectible card game, as in real cards. I guess it could become a game too. Might be the only way to see Power Stone characters again!

Just so everyone knows but apparently the Switch port for Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night is pretty bad and there’s a ton of patches incoming. Might be best to wait for that one or get it on another format.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Tully and asks what would you make the launch title for the PlayStation 5 and/or Project Scarlett?

Despite E3 having just taken place we still have no clear idea about what’s happening with the next gen formats, even though they’re due to launch next year. But if you were in charge what game or games would you ensure were available on the new consoles from day one?

Would it be part of an established franchise or something brand new? If it is new, what kind of game would it be and how would it take advantage of the more powerful hardware? Are there particular types of game that either company are currently missing? And if Nintendo announces a new format soon what would you advise for them?

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