Games Inbox: If Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom is better than Breath Of The Wild

The Thursday letters page is worried Skull And Bones is going to be another misstep for Ubisoft, as one reader hopes EA works with Treasure.

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Tall order
Now that we at least have a name for the new Zelda I can’t help but ask what seems to me the obvious question, even though I’ve not seen anyone discuss it directly: will Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom end up a better game than Breath Of The Wild?

I know we can’t literally answer that yet, but it seems to me a very tall order. The first problem is simply we know what to expect now. Nobody thought that Breath Of The Wild was going to completely reinvent what a Zelda could be, but now the assumption is that Tears of The Kingdom is going to be more or less the same in terms of structure.

We don’t know what the big new gimmicks will be for sure, but the trailers imply it’s just a few more magic abilities and the falling/flying from Skyward Sword. I’m not saying these things as being super negative, but they do seem fairly minor differences.

This being Nintendo there is a possibility that there’s something major they haven’t told us yet, perhaps the rumours of a playable Zelda are true, but I think the chances of Tears Of The Kingdom having the same impact, and getting the same sort of reviews, is very small.

That said, it’ll probably sell at least as much, given there are now a lot more Switches in the world. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be there to find out for myself on day one.

Moving on
I haven’t played Call Of Duty properly in ages now but are its fans ever happy with anything? I played the beta for Modern Warfare 2 and I thought it was pretty good. But according to them it’s the worst ever? I really find that hard to believe, especially given how Vanguard was only last year.

It’s not just Call Of Duty either. Video game fans just seem to be permanently unhappy, to the point where you wonder why they even consider themselves to be fans in the first place. If you’re constantly unhappy with a game then maybe you just don’t like it?

Call Of Duty might be 20 years old but it hasn’t been the same all that time, things change and maybe it’s just become something now that some people don’t like? That seems natural to me and it’s not like you can’t just go back and play the old games, even most of the multiplayer ones.

Unique selling point
I have always been a Sony fan. We have two PlayStation 5s, plus multiple other consoles, including the Switch, but the PlayStation 5 to me is the best. I’m not a fan of the PlayStation Store either. I understand the complaints, especially when I go to Walmart and find a game for 10 dollars that is still 59.99 or more on PS Plus but a gamer should always do their homework on buying games, whether digital or physical versions of the game.

Microsoft has a definite advantage because, well… they are Microsoft, but Sony still produces the better games. I only wish both companies would knock off this exclusive nonsense and allow us fans the best of both consoles. Maybe someday that will happen. Thank you.
Dave Finkbeiner

GC: If both consoles had the exact same games what reason would you have to choose one over the other?

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Necessary remake
I know there are probably a few too many remakes around at the moment but the one I really wish would happen is GoldenEye 007. Neither of the versions coming out soon, from Nintendo and Microsoft, sound like they’re going to be all that good. The game is just too old to work like it used to only a complete remake could work.

It is worth doing though, I believe, because it’s still a great game underneath and there’s still nothing quite like it in terms of both single-player and multiplayer. The problem’s the licence, of course, but I wish everyone would agree it’s to their benefit and just do it.

The only alternative is a new Perfect Dark but we really don’t know what direction they’re going for that, I’m not sure it’s even a first person game. There is Io Interactive’s new Bond game but I have trouble imaging that will be much like GoldenEye either. It’s a shame, the game should be as lauded as Halo but it’s constantly in danger of being completely forgotten.

EA warriors
So, EA could’ve worked with any Japanese company in the world and they choose the people that make Dynasty Warriors?! OK. And then the game they decide to make is such a blatant clone of Monster Hunter that even their own marketing recognises it.

I’m already not interested in the game but I am interested in what EA’s doing with third party games. The EA Original games have actually been really good so far, by and large, and upping the scale of the games they publish an interesting development.

They could be a big help to smaller Japanese developers who don’t have a big presence in the West and I’d love to see them working with people like Spike Chunsoft and – why not – Treasure. Sounds weird I know but EA aren’t always awful and they could be of real help here.

Slow fix
Skull And Bones delayed again? I know it’s been mentioned before but Ubisoft just feels like it’s in freefall at the moment. Maybe they deserve it given the toxic workplace condition stories (which they largely got out of because Activision Blizzard was even worse) but I have enjoyed their games in the past and it seems sad to watch them spiralling out of control.

They’re obviously doubling down on more Assassin’s Creed, which I guess might work but seems like the least interesting thing they could have done to get themselves out of the whole. They, like most publishers to be honest, need new franchises and new ideas.

Ubisoft used to be pretty good at this, but I think their overreliance on sequels and updates is a big part of why they’re in trouble in the first place. That and overuse of the ‘Ubisoft formula’. But then again Skull And Bones is original and that looks horribly dull, so I don’t know. Whatever they do I don’t think any quick fixes are likely.

Time well spent
This will be the last time I write to you as I have just started playing Terra Invicta on my PC (it’s a mod of XCOM that became a full game) and I will be dedicating the foreseeable future to it.

I have never seen a game quite like this before and I think it might just be quite a special game. Check it out.

What’re ya sellin’?
RE: Meestah Bull and Resident Evil 4, just a few tips to set you on your way:

Be patient, the control scheme will seem odd compared with modern games but if you stick with it, it’s so worth it – the shooting is brilliant!

You can find a shotgun for free in one of the buildings in the village, you can also get a better handgun free from the lovely merchant by shooting the blue medallions that start at the farm.

The merchant is your special friend! Not only does he have the greatest voice ever but will sell you all kinds of weapons and upgrade them too. I, however, wouldn’t spend too much money on the shotgun or the first sniper rifle, as you get the option to buy better versions when you get to the castle. However, if you are low on ammo it’s worth upgrading the ammo capacity of a weapon as the merchant will fill up your ammo for free!

It’s well worth doing the shooting galleries, that start at the castle I think, they are a lot of fun and reward you with cool little figures – when you complete a row of them you get a nice chunk of cash as a reward!

Use the herbs: a green will heal you, a red and green combo will heal you completely, but don’t forget the yellow one – combining it with a green or green and red will increase your health!


Inbox also-rans
Following the recent rework of the XIII remake, have you had a chance to play it? Is there a marked improvement over the original re-release (surely it couldn’t have got worse) and would you recommend it now?

GC: We haven’t played the new version and, to be honest, we struggle to see how the original is worth all this trouble; we never felt it was that good, even at the time.

Anyone notice the Force Unleashed Easter egg in the new episode of Star Wars: Andor? Starkiller’s Sith Stalker Armor, of all things, is in the antiques shop! Plus, not only does Luthen’s ship look a bit like the Rogue Shadow but the voice actor for the on-board computer is the same as Proxy from the game!

This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Jericho, who asks what do you want from a Switch 2?

Regardless of rumours, it’s inevitable that there will be a new Nintendo console in the next few years but what form do you want it to take, both physically and in terms of how powerful it is and how much it will cost.

Now that there are multiple portable consoles that look similar how do you think Nintendo should respond and what are the most important changes and improvements from the current Switch? Or would you want to see a new console that was completely different?

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