Games Inbox: Is Red Dead Redemption still a classic?

The Wednesday Inbox is convinced that a Daredevil video game would be a good idea, as one reader enjoys the horrors of Resident Evil Village.

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Status update
I’m not surprised to hear rumours of a Red Dead Redemption 1 remaster. It’s easy money and the original is still popular but am I the only one that wishes Rockstar would find something better to do with their time? They’ve made one new game in eight years and they’re slowing down, not speeding up.

I enjoyed the first Red Dead Redemption as much as the next cowboy, when it first came out, but I’m really not looking forward to doing it all again. The gameplay was even worse than the sequel and while I felt it had a better story and main character it was still slow and long-winded.

I dispute whether it still even really counts as a classic. It’s obviously not a GoldenEye 007 situation, because it’s not that old, but a big part of the original appeal was that it was a cowboy game with a massive open world of the sort we’d never seen before. But now that the sequel’s out I’m not sure there’s much appeal left.

Maybe I’m just being negative because I want Rockstar to get on and make something new but every day that goes by that rumour about no GTA 6 until 2025 seems more and more realistic.

Let it be
RE: GoldenEye 007. I think Toddy is pretty much bang on in saying GoldenEye won’t have aged at all well. First person shooters have come a long way since then on console and I’d rather have the good memories of playing it on the N64 than have those memories ruined by trying to play it again now.

GoldenEye on the N64 has very strong and vivid memories for me, I can remember walking into 5th Dimension on High Street Swansea, the best independent game store ever in South Wales at that time, and one of the staff telling me that GoldenEye 007 was just out for the N64.

I remember turning my nose up because movie tie-ins had a really bad reputation back then, but 5th Dimension was the only store in the area that would let you try before you buy and as soon as I saw it running and played some of the opening level I was hooked.

GoldenEye got under my skin so much that every time I walked passed a CCTV camera in town I’d get an incredibly strong feeling that I needed to shoot it out with a silenced pistol. Happy days those were, and maybe best left in the past.
PS: I’m really enjoying Guardians Of The Galaxy, it’s really good.

Hit the Bullseye
I know GC often says they don’t have much time for TV watching, but after mentioning that you’ve never seen the Daredevil show, do try to watch it if you get the chance. It’s a strong contender for the best superhero show ever made (in live action, anyway. Nothing’s beating Batman: The Animated Series or Justice League Unlimited) and completely washes away the taste of the film. Although I admit I might be a little biased as Daredevil is my favourite Marvel character!

I’ve often thought he’d be a great fit for a game. He has a built-in ‘detective mode’ that could work almost exactly like the Arkham games, and despite all his powers he’s still just a regular guy under the costume, so he’s vulnerable and there’s none of the problems inherent in a Superman game where the protagonist is too powerful.

There was actually a Daredevil game in development around the same time the film came out, which looked reasonably interesting, but it was cancelled fairly early on.
Sparky the Yak

Limited graphics
I’m here for PazJohnMitch’s Daredevil game, and suggest there should even be some sort of ‘reverse detective mode’ where you can have a very short period of ‘sight’ to get your bearings as a player. Maybe you only get a limited total usage time for that mode per level – something normal detective modes could do with actually, to prevent diluting the experience (I know I’m guilty of overusing them).

Alas, I’m not sure this masterpiece would ever get made as I bet the budget required to do it justice would be too high for something without Fancy Dan traditional graphics to show off. It’d be too hard a sell to the average gamer and corporations are nothing if not risk averse.

Nevertheless: I invoke Inbox magic!
FoximusPrime81 (gamertag/NN ID/Twitter)

Surprisingly good
Guardians Of The Galaxy sounds like a nice surprise. I’m trying to think of other games that turned out much better than I, and I think most, thought they would. The most recent one for me would be Immortals Fenyx Rising which I put 60 hours into and got the platinum trophy for. It was such a fun and polished game.

Guardians will have to wait a while though as I’ve got plenty on my plate. Currently playing Metroid Dread and The Forgotten City, both are excellent and have their claws firmly embedded in me. In the next two months alone Game Pass will have Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, It Takes Two (perfect for playing with my nephew) and GTA: San Andreas Remastered that I would like to juggle.

It’s not been a classic gaming year but it’s been a decent one even if you didn’t factor in Covid. It’s just a shame genuine fans are still having trouble picking up a next gen console for RRP.

GC: Immortals Fenyx Rising definitely fits the bill.

Save yourself
I wrote in last week about starting a trial of Game Pass and I felt I should update the community about what I’ve found out.

When playing a game using the service on a PC you have to run it in administrator mode in order to save your progress I repeat, if you have a child who wants to play a game and have that progress saved you must give them full administrator access to the PC. Even playing it on an admin account isn’t enough. You have to manually right click the icon every time you start the game.

This is so utterly ludicrous from Microsoft I’ve gone beyond being angry and am just astounded. No other game service has this requirement, so why must Microsoft’s?

At least I know how to play, having been forced to play the tutorial to Psychonauts 2 three times.
Joseph Dowland

Best house
I’ve just endured the creepy, psychological horrors of Resident Evil Village’s House Beneviento and it was such an incredibly memorable moment. I got some pretty strong Silent Hill/Amnesia vibes here.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so vulnerable, so naked, so perturbed playing as a protagonist in a Resident Evil game. I admire how distinctive this area felt with the slower change of pacing, more intimate, invasive setting, and disquieting, gnawing atmosphere of the place.

And that… that abominable thing in the lower level of the evil residence. Those poise piercing, agonising sounds it would make. Good lord… my heart was racing like crazy.

Don’t get me started on those doll-eyed porcelain demons. I can only imagine how blood-curdling this part would’ve been in VR!
Galvanized Gamer

Payment options
Well, I see Very are doing an exceptional deal on the Xbox Series S with their RRP of £249.99 until this Wednesday. If you purchase one you can get 10% cashback onto your account and the icing on the cake is if you add ‘GETFESTIVE30’ into the basket you will also get another £30 off to boot!

So basically that’s a total cost of just £195 for the console itself. You do have to opt into the Buy Now Pay Later Option For 12 months but once the purchase is completed at the basket, if you pay the console completely off straight away there will be no interest added on. Or the other interest free option would be to just pay it off within the 12 months on their buy now pay later scheme and it’s happy days!

Special K
So I was looking at Steam’s hardware survey and it got me thinking about the current generation of gaming, and particularly resolution.

One of the big things about this gen was the fact that 4K was now more than achievable for consoles. The question is, how many people are actually that bothered about 4K gaming?

Looking at the latest Steam survey (so, granted, PC gamers only) 66.5% of respondents were using 1080p resolution. Interestingly though that doesn’t mean 34% of gamers are using 4K – only 2.3% were using 4K displays, with 8.7% using 4K – so 11% using ‘standard’ higher definition screens.

To be fair the PC gaming landscape is an odd beast, with lots of people using many different displays, whereas modern TVs are far more standardised in resolution.

I have just recently moved from 1080p to a super-ultrawide 1440×5120 mainly for racing games. It looks incredible, but I’m wondering how much of this is down to increased brightness and HDR capability, as well as the 32:9 ratio, and how much is down to 1440p. Interestingly 2x1440p screens (which is really what a super-ultrawide is) is still approximately 1 million pixels less than a 16:9 4K display, so 4k needs huge amounts of graphical oomph.

So what are other readers thoughts about 4K gaming? Is it something people are using now, would like to or aren’t bothered?

Anyway, whatever you game on – enjoy!
The Dude Abides

Inbox also-rans
I hate to say it but that GTA 6 rumour, about things being restarted just recently sounds worryingly believable, especially if it was because Dan Houser left. That Reader’s Feature about Rockstar never getting round to it is looking more believable by the day.

If Epic Games ends up tanking the whole of Fortnite because of that ridiculous Apple lawsuit I don’t think I’ll ever stop laughing. Why is it the richer you get the more money you want?

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