Games Inbox: Is the Cyberpunk 2077 next gen update another disaster?

The Thursday Inbox recommends Pistol Whip on Oculus Quest 2, as one reader is happy to celebrate 30 years of Lemmings.

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Final failure
This was it, the big one… patch 1.51 Cyberpunk 2077 on base PlayStation 4 will have all manner of improvements and so I dusted it off, started the install, left the PlayStation 4 on standby due to my really slow Wi-Fi and came home from a tough day at the office and saw it was almost done, and then the grand moment…

A blue screen stating ‘Cannot start the application. The data is corrupted. Delete the application from the PlayStation 4 and insert disc again’. At first disbelief, then anger, and finally rage I was there in the beginning, I put up with bugs, crashes, and poor performance and now a final gesture from CD Projekt, it’s completely and utterly unplayable… refund anyone!

Inbox magic for a fix that somehow negates a complete install.

GC: This sounds like a problem that some European copies have been having, where the game disc doesn’t match the region you’re in. This support page outlines what it should be, but so far there doesn’t seem to be a fix.

Good first impressions
I’m almost at the end of my five-hour free trial with Cyberpunk 2077 and I’ve got to say that having never played the older versions pre-patch 1.5 or on the last gen consoles that it’s simply excellent. Currently playing on performance mode 60fps/4K and haven’t hit a single snag.

It’s managed to do something that I don’t usually care about and that’s have me fully engrossed in the story without skipping any dialogue whatsoever.

The open world is amazing. I’m not really into Blade Runner sci-fi or anything like that but this game has really sucked me in.

I did have a quick look at GC’s original review before starting and entirely agree that it feels like two games in one, as I find that I’ve had to follow a linear story and it hasn’t given me the chance to break off and have a quick look myself at exploring the open world on my own until after a least a few hours where I decided to have a walk around on my own after I chose the next mission.

The game world is so believable, it lives and breathes and it gives me the sense that I can explore anywhere and everywhere I can see. I’m not sure if that’s correct but I shall see with further game time.
Nick The Greek

Evil Quest
RE: Old lightgun games. Surely VR offers a less retro and altogether more immersive alternative? I’m thinking mainly of Pistol Whip on Oculus Quest, which I’ve been playing every day since Christmas.
It adds in a fantastic rhythm action mechanic into the mix, and generally makes you feel like John Wick, especially with its generous aim assist. You can turn this off, and there are plenty of other modifiers to keep the gameplay fresh.

Plus, the dev support seems to be great with new content being added regularly. It’s definitely my favourite Quest game, I wonder what GC thinks of it?

On a wider note you don’t seem to do many Quest reviews, is there a reason for this? I get that perhaps not everyone wants to get Zucked in to the Zuckerburg’s evil Metaverse, but it’s a great platform. I’m embracing the evil anyway.
The Tillo

GC: We try to do VR reviews when we can, like the recent Resident Evil 4, but the truth is they have less of an audience than console and PC games. If there’s something coming up that people are interested in we’re always happy to take requests. Pistol Whip is good fun, but obviously a bit old now for a review.

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Pride of Scotland
I just want to say thank you so much for putting up that two-hour special about Lemmings on your site. That is exactly the sort of thing I like to watch. It was very well put together and kudos to whoever did it.

I wanted to write into you guys on my thoughts about the game but to be honest, the guys in the video pretty much covered all my bases.

I will say this though, my first memory of the game was seeing it at school in our music class. Yes, our music teacher was that cool that he had an Amiga 500 and bought it in, along with Lemmings and Speedball 2. I couldn’t believe how good the animation was and how this game had no real set rules as long as you got the little guys home.

If there are any Scottish readers out there and I’m sure there are. You should be incredibly proud of what your country has done to contribute to the gaming industry. I know I would be. Anyway, I never did become a musician, but I did get quite good at Lemmings and Speedball 2 for some reason.
freeway 77

Heir of Fire Destroyed
I just beat the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3. What an absolutely fantastic boss! The music alone gave me chills. Like all great Dark Souls bosses, he seemed impossible at first but by the time I defeated him I did so surprisingly comfortably. It’s almost like you can finally read the code, Matrix style.

The game has been another knockout by FromSoftware but I’m torn whether I like it better than Dark Souls 1. I think overall the bosses are better but the game world is more linear, to its slight detriment. I’ve still got the Ringed City to complete so maybe that will help decide. It goes without saying Bloodborne is the best of all.

I’m very jealous everyone else will be playing Elden Ring soon, I’m really looking forward to your review. I hope the game keeps bosses at the forefront of the experience, despite it being open world. Weak boss battles was one of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s only flaws. It’ll probably be next year before I have a go myself but at least I have Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to play first.
Ryan O’D

Games machine
I’ve just been on that Wii U Memories page you linked to in the story about Nintendo shutting down the Wii U and 3DS eShops. It gives you your top three played ‘games’ by time spent. Much as I may love Nintendo, I’m fairly sure they wouldn’t be happy to see Netflix as my number one with over 100 hours, and Amazon Prime as my number two with over 60 hours!

It still boggles the mind that there’s no sign of either of these apps on the Switch. Or iPlayer, NowTV, Disney+, etc., etc. Despite having an Xbox 360 and a (slow and rather ancient) smart TV, the Wii U was my main streaming machine for several years, because Netflix and Prime just seemed to work better on it, and having controls and information displayed on the GamePad was a useful little bonus.

I guess that after five years the chance of any of those services appearing on the Switch are basically zero now, which is a real shame. Oh well, thanks for the memories, Nintendo! Memories of watching Daredevil…
Sparky the Yak

GC: It is very odd but knowing Nintendo there’s still a chance they could appear at some point.

O Brother, there art thou
The free game on Epic Games Store this week, from 4pm on Thursday, is the excellent story-based adventure puzzle game Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, made by the person who would go on to make the co-op prison break game A Way Out and then It Takes Two, which I have just got recently on disc on
Xbox One.

If you have not played Brothers before it is very good and I highly recommend it, especially at this price: free! I bought it when it originally launched on Xbox 360 and 100%ed the achievements. I am a fan
of Starbreeze Games which this one is.
Andrew J.

More of the same
I’ve hit a slight stumbling block in my plan to write in with thoughts on every game I play, in that I can’t think of any interesting commentary on Subnautica: Below Zero. I know what you are thinking – that’s never stopped you before! – but perhaps I can’t think of anything interesting to say, because as a sequel (if it even is that) the game is doing little different from its predecessor.

I was labouring under the impression this was a full sequel but it’s more like a Subnautica expansion. The trouble for me was the original was so full of mystery and wonder. Discovering the surprises the story has to offer as you unravel its main mystery was a magical gaming experience. You also must work out how to survive when you play the original, but in the sequel, you know this already. I know what steps to take first, what I need to build to first survive, then thrive.

I also knew what to expect as I explored deeper, so that removes the certain sense of dread which added a great tension to the original. This problem is handled well narratively, with the protagonist choosing to go the planet as she needs to find out what happened to her sister. So of course, she has some experience and planning of what to do, just like you, the player, does too.

The story was compelling enough, but again lacked the purpose and surprise of the original. I also found the answer to the mystery a little underwhelming. If this all sounds a bit negative, base building remains as utterly compelling as ever and I still really enjoyed my time on Planet 4546B, so much so that I platinumed it. It’s just that it doesn’t hit the heights of the original. It’s possibly unfair to judge the game like that, but I couldn’t help it either.

If you want more Subnautica, this certainly provides that, so it is by no means a bad game. But I think it’s best experienced with some distance from the original.

Score: 7 out of 10
Playtime: ~21 hours
Henshin Agogo

Inbox also-rans
I bet they won’t do it for Bioshock, but wouldn’t it be interesting if one of these video game movies was first person for once? I don’t even know what the character from the game is supposed to look like, so it’s going to be weird watching them onscreen.

To be honest I’m already feeling more optimistic about this new game from the CD Projekt splinter company than I am the real The Witcher 4. I just don’t think CD Projekt know what they’re doing anymore.

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