Games Inbox: Is VR really the future of gaming?

The evening Inbox has more ideas for what to call the next Xbox, as one reader feels guilty about waiting until Rage 2 is cheap.

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Hardware future

With the surprise success of Nintendo’s VR set I think this puts lots of pressure on Xbox to reveal their own headset. I’m sure they’ve been working on one anyway but to me VR has become an essential part of gaming now, just as important as online or streaming. Sure, it’s expensive, so not everyone can experience, but the Labo set is super cheap and £250 for the PlayStation VR is an amazing deal.

I also wonder whether VR is what will give physical consoles an advantage over streaming, for a while. I really can’t see Google Stadia or anything similar running fast or smooth enough to work with VR so for the next gen at least it’ll probably become a hardware-only thing.

You could argue that will actually limit its potential but if that’s the reason to buy the console I’m sure companies will push it harder than ever. I’m all for it and hope Microsoft unveil their headset at E3. For me VR is the future of gaming and there’s no point trying to keep it back.


TV tie-in

What with Star Wars Celebration going on this week I just read that Disney is going to give the film series a ‘rest’ after Episode IX, implying at least a three year gap before anything else and probably no more spin-offs. There’s a bunch of TV shows planned for Disney+ though starting with a show about… I’m not clear whether it’s Boba Fett or some other relative.

This all has big implications for any future games as it seems that Disney is getting much more into smaller stories than just epic movies. To my mind it seems to be the focus on extended universe type stuff, which games can fit into more easily. So my guess is we’ll see more things like Fallen Order that aren’t based on anything specific but are their own spin-off.

That’s fine, as long as they’re good, but assuming it deals with bounty hunters and smugglers and the seedy side of Star Wars I would like to see a game based on The Mandalorian. Even better I’d like to see the licence taken away from EA, but as a Star Wars fan I’ve learnt not to expect too much over the last few years…


Skip ahead

RE: Coolsbane and the Next Xbox’s name. I agree that Microsoft really have dug themselves into a hole with the naming situation!

I think they seem to be aware that the PlayStation is a number ahead in their development, having been out a generation longer, so if there is a PlayStation 5 and the Xbox 4 (skipping the part that people might wonder where the Xbox 3 went…), then they won’t want any uninformed members of the public thinking that theirs is an inferior console.

Xbox Prime and Xbox Everywhere are good shouts and I would love for them to go with the Anaconda name. That isn’t likely to happen, so my money’s on the Xbox Complete. It sounds rubbish and a type of Winalot, but I have no faith in the console-naming-people – the job at Sony seems so much easier when you just need to add the next number!

GC: We think they should just go with Xbox 5. If they got away with having two Xbox 1s then they can skip the Xbox 4.


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I am Legion

However are two suggestions as to what I would call the next Xbox and the names I feel would be a great name. My suggestions are as follows:

Xbox Legion

This would be a great way to describe the next Xbox and to describe a fanbase of followers. Because Xbox fans are great in number the Legion name would go well with the console.

Xbox Collective

This would best describe the Xbox fanbase, as with their continued custom it brings cooperative enterprise to the Xbox brand. Because Xbox Live is a social platform where gamers can share content such as screenshots and gameplay clips, as well as messages and create party chats, this would, I feel, be a great name for the next Xbox.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)


Closer relations

Much appreciation for reviewing Ghost Giant on PlayStation VR. It was a title I had high hopes for, having fallen in love with the artwork when I first saw it at E3, and thankfully it’s as endearing as it looked. Yet again it proves that VR is very good at creating bonds with game characters (in third person especially) that seem only possible in VR.

Maybe because you feel more involved in terms of your sense of perception of the game world and in turn it becomes more rewarding or satisfying. What I do know is that even at the end of Astro Bot, when he pulls that sad face thinking the two of you are parting ways, I felt a sense of tragic loss only for him to come back and fill my soaring heart with joy (gah, it’s a just a robot you fool!) so I’m expecting a few tense moments in Ghost Giant as one tries to fight back the tears.

I’ve really been impressed with PlayStation VR this gen and with Nintendo on board the VR train hopefully we’ll get more diverse experiences that dive into a myriad of gaming worlds to get emotionally attached to.
Lord Mont du Baton

GC: It also helps that Louis’ voice-acting is adorable.


Weekend bargain

So who is picking up what in the big online game sales? I snagged Jurassic World Evolution and Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, along with that three months of Xbox Game Pass for the sort of change you’d fumble out of your pocket and into a charity tin.

The Switch sales looked decent for Nintendo standards, but the only one I’d really want (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) still cost more than those three purchases just mentioned, for what is apparently a fairly average role-playing game.

What about PlayStation? Anything good going, Inbox peepers?


Random factor, like a tractor

With all the recent talk about PSN names, perhaps your readers might be interested in this PSN name generator I’ve built.

Click on the names to check availability on PSN and major social networks. Enter a keyword or two for personalised names.

GC: Ha, that’s great!


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Psilly choice

My username goes back to the Digitiser days. After reading the gaming Teletext pages daily, I would go over to the Mega-Zine section and chuckle at the seemingly random letters people sent in and the imaginative names the authors gave themselves. Sadly, The Despotic Banana is the only one I can remember now.

One day, reading through the posts I laughed at few and thought, ‘…all these people with their silly pseudonyms…’ Thus PsillyPseudonym was born!

When I got an Xbox 360, I already knew I wanted to use this and have since tried to use if for everything so was a bit miffed when creating my account and it told me the name was too long! I ended up going for KsilentK for that so I could have another username that played on the English language.


Inbox also-rans

For what it’s worth I’m looking forwards to Rage 2 as well. The problem is I think it’s going to be a flop so it’s going to be awfully tempting to wait till it goes on cheap in a couple of months. Which makes me feel a bit guilty

So I gather GC are going to watch the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order reveal on Saturday? What about the new movie trailer? Shouldn’t that be around the same time?

GC: Yes, we’ll pop online to see the reveal and do a story. We think the Episode IX teaser should be live just about the time you read this.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Ishi, who asks what’s the best VR experience you’ve ever had?

With even Nintendo now embracing virtual reality we want to know whether you’ve ever played VR on a modern console or PC and what you thought of it. Were you impressed by the technology and what did you think of the games you played?

What’s your favourite VR game and how much does that have to do with the virtual reality experience alone and how much to do with the gameplay? How close do you think VR is to being mainstream and do you think companies should put more or less emphasis on it than they currently do?

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