Games Inbox: Should GTA 6 come out this gen?

The morning Inbox thinks Microsoft should try and get the Game Of Thrones licence, as one reader is puzzled by the ending of Days Gone.

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Next gen GTA

Interesting point about this autumn being the point at which GTA V came out in regards to the previous generation, and yet we’ve had no indication from Rockstar that they’re warming up the next one for release. It’s got to be coming, it seems impossible they’d release the same game on three different generations (has that ever happened?) but I don’t see them bothering with GTA VI on PlayStation 5/Xbox Two.

My guess is that they don’t need GTA VI in terms of this gen anyway and so, not wanting to be held back by current tech, they’ll want to make it solely next gen-only. They’ll want to release it fairly quick on the next gen, because until it’s there there’s no money coming in from GTA Online – but since the old consoles will still be dominant for the first year or two I think they’ve got plenty of time.

So that would be my guess: an annoucement this autumn and a release a year or two later. Red Dead Online clearly isn’t bringing in the same amount of money as GTA Online so there’s cash flows to be maintained but not so much of a rush that they need to do anything just yet. That’s my theory anyway.


Viking fatigue

I know there’s usually no smoke without fire, especially when it comes to Assassin’s Creed leaks, but is anyone else not that excited about a Viking game? After God Of War it just seems the wrong time to do it. I’m up for it in general, although I don’t see how the world map can possible be as big as claimed, but after God Of War, Hellblade, and a dozen other games with more minor references I’m not really sure I want to hear any more about the Bifrost and Yggdrasil and all that.

Assassin’s Creed will be more grounded but Odyssey had quite a bit of the mythical stuff in so I can’t imagine the new one will be any different, especially if it’s called Ragnarok.

Of course it could all be a fake as well. It’s bizarre how much effort some people go to with that sort of thing nowadays, just so they can show off with their mates (I assume, I’ve never even seen anyone bragging about fake online but I’m imagining that’s why they do it – I don’t see how they’re making money out of it or anything).


E3 is coming

It obviously is just a custom console but Microsoft getting the exclusive licence to Game Of Thrones is exactly the sort of thing they should be doing. Even if the spin-offs are only half as popular they’ll still be massive and that really would be one of the few things that would be equal to Sony have the Marvel licence (or some of it, we still don’t know the extent of that exactly).

Also, did no-one find it odd that the text on the tweet was awfully close to the beginning of Fable II? I’d say it was coincidence but it was weird wording about having to wait, as if people already knew what it was for. I don’t know what it means but I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually ended up being more than consoles.

They’re not going to suddenly release a massive Game Of Thrones game for the Xbox One’s last big Christmas but maybe they will have some surprises after all for E3.
PS: Those Godzilla consoles are some of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. Wowzers.


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Get a grip

I always knew Star Citizen seemed fishy but did anyone else read that story on the amount of money they’ve wasted and feel their grip on reality start to slip? I mean that in an almost literal way. 1.1 million people gave a man that’s never made any particularly good games, and hasn’t been in the games industry for more than two decades, $242 million and when the game ended up being incredibly late they started buying virtual spaceships from for thousands of dollars apiece?

I just… what? The budget is around $300 million now and that means it’s in the running to be the most expensive video game ever and… it may never be finished?! Either I’m crazy or someone else is because none of this is adding up.

I seem to remember someone writing in once getting angry with GC for being dubious of the whole project and I can only imagine how fanatical some of these fans must be to keep throwing money at it. All for a game by the guy that was behind the third (if that) best space combat simulator franchise. I don’t understand.

GC: We’re as bemused as you.


Quest for VR

I’m surprised there’s not much buzz about Oculus Quest in here. Have you seen this thing? I’ve a PlayStation VR, I play in the living room and the thoughts of setting that up again gives me nightmares. Oculus Quest is all wireless and shipping with 50 games/apps; games like Beat Saber, Superhot, and Moss to name a few. Every one that’s tried or reviewed it says it’s amazing.

IGN give it 9.5. I’m curious if you will do a review? I’ve got one on pre-order. Just picking this up to play or bring anywhere with me is making me excited for VR for the first time ever. At only £399 I think it’s reasonably priced. No PC no wires, no games console, all the tracking cameras build into the headset, also.

I’ve seen a few videos that when you put the headset on you can see the room you are in and you draw a line around your play area and when you go outta that line in VR mode the cams turn on and you can see the room so you don’t hit anything. Genius. I’ve a felling this is gonna be big. I’ve told a few friends about it and a few have pre-ordered it also. Thanks and hoping for a review.

GC: We’ll try and do a review, if we can.


Last minute addition

I’ve just beaten Days Gone and it was… quite good? I’m not sure what to think really to be honest. I’d say I didn’t know what to expect, but after reading the reviews I was prepared for the weird pacing and… it certainly was weird. Having no missions involved hordes for the whole game and then three, one after another at the end was just weird. And the last mission is… I better no spoil anything I suppose, but let’s say it was more generic than I was expecting from a game whose big selling point is hundreds of zombies on screen at once.

It’s so odd it makes me wonder whether they couldn’t get the hordes working for a long time, to the point where they took them out of the game. Then, when they could get them working again suddenly at the end, they hurriedly added them in again. All the times they show up before the end could’ve just been pre-rendered cut scenes for all the difference it made and I wonder whether that’s what they were planning to do when it wasn’t working out.

Just a theory, but it makes more sense to me than them completely ignoring their best feature until right near the end. Or am I giving them too much credit?


Upsetting the right people

RE: Zusi’s Zelda Reader’s Feature. Zusi, I’d take the sheer number of comments and their content as a badge of honour – upsetting the gamers is usually a sign that you’ve made a worthwhile point or suggestion.

While I’d like to see Nintendo give Zelda an update equivalent to that of the game itself, I’d also be happy to see them change Link’s gender (and colour). Given that the various Links aren’t really… linked, there’s no good reason why they shouldn’t mix it up a bit.

GC: We are so ready for The Adventure Of Linkle.


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Avoiding disappointment

RE: Iceman and Sony handing Microsoft an easy victory in terms of power by revealing PlayStation 5.

Sony didn’t actually reveal any concrete specs, like the amount of RAM and speed, GPU and CPU speeds, or even SSD size. All they revealed was PlayStation 5 would have custom versions of the latest AMD GPU and CPU technology which was heavily rumoured to be going into both Sony and Microsoft consoles anyway. They confirmed it will have an SSD, will be back compatible with PlayStation 4/VR, have 3D audio, and will support 8K in some form. For me this just means it’s future-proofed by having the latest HDMI standard.

Microsoft are now the ones who really have to show their hand at E3. Phil Spencer has been giving little teases and comments about the next gen Xbox for a year now and I think everyone is ready to see their next gen vision and it would be a bit of a home goal if they were vague about it at E3. Will the consoles be the main focus or will the streaming plans take the spotlight? I think everyone is expecting a full reveal and will be disappointed if it’s just an extended tease.
Simundo Jones

GC: We don’t know either way but the number one rule of thumb with E3 is always to expect less than you hope.


Inbox also-rans

Star Citizen has a budget of $300 million and they’ve spent it all already? I never understood Kickstarters at the best of time but that is just unreal.

For anyone else interested in R-Type Final 2 they just put up a Twitter poll to say what formats it should be on. If nothing else it proves things are going full steam ahead!


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