Games Inbox: What’s better out of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat?

The Thursday Inbox has an interesting theory about the name of Breath Of The Wild 2, as one reader hopes for Golden Axe 4 from Dotemu.

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The big three
Nice to see rumours of Street Fighter 6 taking form, although as everyone’s been quick to point out it’s hard to see what they can do with the new one that will really justify a sequel. But really that’s a problem for any fighting game since the beginning of time (or rather Street Fighter 2).

Given the criticisms of Street Fighter 5 at launch I would expect Capcom to make an effort with a big new story mode, perhaps taking a few leaves out of Mortal Kombat’s book in terms of single-player modes. The thing about fighting games never changing is that not even the dominant games has changed since the start of the PlayStation era. It’s still Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken and as much as I love Arc System Works’ stuff I doubt it’ll ever change.

And yet there is a lot of difference between those games, especially as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are both 2D. I’ll be honest that I’ve always preferred Street Fighter. It’s always felt more dynamic and fluid and all the edgelord violence of Mortal Kombat, which is getting worse with every sequel, has always put me off. There’s no doubting that Mortal Kombat is the most popular though so you can’t blame them for not trying to lighten things up.

Street Fighter 6 has always been the more popular esport though, which explains why Capcom were trying to emphasise that with the current game. But hopefully the new one will have a bit of a wider scope.

Capcom All-Stars
Glad to see some hype building for Street Fighter 6. I was reading some of the wackier theories and one that was quite popular is that Luke/Rook is actually Captain Commando, based on the star tattoos and, err… him being blonde.

I think maybe there was something else but basically it was wishful thinking, with the overall idea being that Street Fighter 6 would be a sort of Capcom Vs. Capcom game with cameos from lots of other games but streamlined down into a regular fighting game looking type of character.

To be honest I’d rather they just kept their regular gear on but I like the idea either way. I didn’t realise there was already some pretty deep links to Strider in there so the more the merrier, especially as lots of Capcom fighters also have reps. At the very least you should be able to add normal, non-super-powered characters like the Resident Evil crew. I think that’d be great.

Lost arcades
I guess this ties into the general discussion regarding backwards compatibility but recent Hot Topic letters and Reader’s Features got me to thinking about games that are languishing on Xbox Live Arcade and/or PSN from yesteryear. It’s less of an issue for Xbox owners due to Microsoft’s greater commitment to backwards compatibility but some that spring to mind are OutRun: Online Arcade and After Burner Climax.

Those two are easy enough to explain away; Sega doesn’t have the Ferrari/F-15 license anymore but that doesn’t explain why titles like Guardian Heroes and Hard Corps: Uprising couldn’t see quick and dirty ports to Steam or Epic Games‘ PC store or Nintendo eShop. The latter might wash away the bad taste left by Contra: Rogue Corps. Are there any such games other readers lacking an Xbox might like to see made available?
Meestah Bull
PS: Although it saw a physical release I’d like to see Child Of Eden re-released. Imagine it on a big TV but now with HDR support or on Switch using a Joy-Con’s gryo controls to aim!

GC: To clarify for others, Hard Corps: Uprising is a Contra spin-off by Konami.

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First date
I just want to say a big congratulations to Panic for selling out their very first batch of Playdate pre-orders; all 20,000 units went within just 17 minutes of going live. So if anybody decides they want to buy one of Panic’s yellow tiny handhelds now they will have to wait until a minimum of next year due to production issues/COVID, etc.

I also see a lot of the early reviews look very promising too. (I was hoping fingers crossed you may have been shipped an early Playdate handheld to review from Panic, GC?) However, with the initial cost of the handheld working out to be £130 and then you have to add in the shipping costs and tax the actual total amount would of worked out to be just over £170, which for me personally was well over the odds to take such a gamble on such a tiny new handheld. In all honesty you could bag yourself an established Nintendo Switch Lite handheld for the same kind of money?

GC: We have been in contact and should be getting one in to review.

Nobody’s perfect
It’s gonna sound weird saying this, as you are my number one site for any game reviews and I agree with the majority, if not all your game reviews. However, everyone is accountable! Sorry, that sounded a bit sinister. How about a Hot Topic which allows readers to disagree with your judgement? Hold you accountable!

Granted, I’m sure most people who view your pages, like myself, agree with your overall review of games but everyone has an opinion. You’re probably thinking what my own particular disagreement is? The Outer Wilds. Defo a 9. Perhaps I’m splitting hairs and it’s not worth a Hot Topic? Or is it? I miss Digitiser. He drinks that yellow stuff in tins!
Simon Ashworth (skeletor2001 – gamertag)

GC: We have run that subject before, so it’s probably time to do it again soon. Although we’d agree you’re probably right about Outer Wilds.

Missed opportunity
Loved the Reader’s Feature about Sega helping out with Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’ll never happen but it’s a nice idea.

I’m still surprised that Microsoft never bought Sega at any point over the years. Between the Japanese laws against Western companies, and the fact they’d have to buy Sammy as well now, they’ve probably missed their chance but they really need to have a Japanese company on their team. I keep excepting them to announce one but nothing ever happens.

Late bloomer
RE: Acidmouse’s Underbox post about Zelda: Skyward Sword. Yeah, the start isn’t exactly thrilling but it’s worth persevering with in my opinion, if you get the time.

For me it’s slow to show how good it is; to be specific the Lanaryu Desert/Temple area is brilliant. Some great puzzles in there.

Breath Of The Wild is the better game but Skyward Sword is still worth pushing on with I reckon and there are noticeable similarities between the two. Same director I think.
Chevy Malibu (PSN ID)
PS: It is bloody grindy though.

GC: Same director and producer. Grindy probably isn’t the right word though, given most people associate that with level grinding, of which there is none.

Complete the Circle
I have been playing a lot of Zelda: Skyward Sword and think I have nearly finished it and I am going to do something silly and make a Nintendo prediction…

It has previously been confirmed that Skyward Sword is the first game in the Zelda chronology and Breath Of The Wild is the last. And that the next game is a sequel to Breath Of The Wild but it also has some very Skyward Sword heavy elements in the last trailer, with the floating islands. And in Skyward Sword they say that a past event caused the islands to float.

As Nintendo have already said that the name is a spoiler for the plot, I therefore predict that the next game is also a prequel to Skyward Sword and will be called The Legend Of Zelda: Circle Of Time.

‘Hand(s) of Time’ could also work based on Link’s manky arm and new time manipulation skills but that does not also relate to the story implications of it being the point where time circles back to the beginning.

Given how time manipulation and events repeating themselves are such common themes in Zelda games it seems so obvious that I am surprised I have not seen hundreds of other people predicting the same. (That might just be because I am not in any of the trendy circles though).
PS: I apologise in advance if you use this letter and then get immediately shut down by Nintendo.

GC: As Nintendo predictions go that’s a pretty plausible one.

Inbox also-rans
In reply to a previous reader’s letter you can get the Soccer Kid game on the Evercade handheld console, as the game was featured briefly in the recent MetalJesusRocks YouTube video.
Andrew J.
Currently playing: Call Of The Sea (Xbox One X)

Does anyone think that we will see a Golden Axe 4 if the indie developers from Streets Of Rage 4 get involved.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: There seems a very good chance. Since you mention them, Dotemu have just been bought by Focus Home Interactive, which should give them some additional financial security.

This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Grackle, who asks what’s your favourite console and video game combo?

By that he means what pairing of game and console do you have the most fondness for? It can be a Nintendo console and a Zelda or Mario, an Xbox and Halo, a Sony console and God Of War – or any other combination you can think of. Which game do you think suits its console so well it seems wrong to play on anything else and if your choice is a third party game why do you feel it matches well with your chosen console and not another?

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