Games Inbox: What’s the best new zombie video game?

The Morning Inbox is worried there might not be many new game reveals this year, as one reader is shocked by Kill La Kill: IF’s dress sense.

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Zombie of the year

I see someone else wrote in about liking Days Gone and while I can’t really agree it did make me think about what games I would say are better, specifically which zombie games. While I would say I am something of a fan of them we’ve been through a bit of rough patch lately and while none have been terrible State Of Decay 2, World War Z, and Days Gone have all disappointed to some degree.

Resident Evil 2 was great, of course, but I’m not sure that really counts as zombies. It’s more a thing on its own. The Last Of Us isn’t really a straight zombie game either but then you’re starting to get into really old games and I’m not sure I can think of much just recently that was anywhere near as good.

The only one I’ve recommend without hesitation lately is They Are Billions, which looks kind of not impressive when you first see it but is actually a really clever strategy game and a really good use of zombies, with hordes that make Days Gone look like nothing. Interested to know what other people’s favourites are though. Maybe a future Hot Topic?
The Colt


No surprises

Saw a rumour saying that WB Games Montréal might be about to announce a new game, a sequel to Batman: Arkham Origins based around the Court of Owls storyline from the comics. That’s something that’s been rumoured before, so it’d be easy enough to make up a new rumour based on that. Although Gamescom is coming up so I wonder if GC has heard anything?

Although to be honest I worry that we’re getting close enough to the next gen now that there won’t be many more brand new game announcements until after the new consoles are renewed. I think one of the reasons spring is so busy for new releases is because they’re trying not to interfere with the next gen and that’s pretty much all anyone’s got until we get there.

On one hand a next gen Batman game, or whatever, would be great but on the other I think we’ve probably had it for surprise reveals for a while. Except maybe Nintendo, they just do whatever they want.

GC: There’s nothing scheduled for Gamescom as far as we know, but as we said before we don’t get any advance warning on what trailers might debut the day before.


Final lap

Do we know anything about the new Need For Speed yet? I don’t remember hearing anything about it and that seems odd. I’m not even sure they’ve confirmed it’s a reboot, which would be a bit embarrassing considering they already had one reboot in 2015. If there haven’t been any leaks what’s the consensus on what the new game’s going to be like?

Payback was kind of Fast & Furious style and the one before that more generic street-racing and they do sound like the two obvious routes to go. Will it be the same thing again but just, you know, good?

I guess Underground 3 might be an obvious way to go, what with the nostalgia angle and everything, but the last one was way back in 2004 and a lot has changed since then, in the real-life scene as well as gaming. There’s a lot of aging sequels around at the moment and I don’t envy any of these companies having to come up with a way to revive them. Maybe some ideas have just reach the end of their natural life?

GC: There’s been no clue at all as to what it’s like, so Wednesday might end up being the first reveal in a long time that is a complete surprise.


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Put a ring on it

I’m still holding out for Elden Ring being at Gamescom, even if it is just a teaser trailer. Having now officially played it to death I am convinced that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the best game of the year and will almost certainly be by the time it’s all over.

Not only that but I think FromSoftware are now officially my favourite developer. I don’t anyone, not even Nintendo, that manages to keep such a consistently high quality of games and it is amazingly impressive. You could argue that they don’t have much range, and that’s true, but what they do nobody else can come within a million miles of.

And to think that Elden Ring is their biggest budget game yet and open world? I will pre-order the ass off of that the second it’s announced. And I never pre-order anything.


Virtual improvement

Will you be reviewing the new No Man’s Sky update with the VR mode? I never bought into the game before, given the price and negative reviews, but knowing that it’s change and a lot and now has VR supported has got me interested enough to maybe give it a try.

I love my PlayStation VR and things have been a bit quite recently, although I guess that’s summer for you and not much of anything has been out. To be honest one of things I’m most looking forward to from the PlayStation 5 annoucement is finding out what they do with VR and I’m very glad to know that Sony still consider that a priority.

For now though I’m up for a bit of space trading and exploring, if things have improved as much as I hope.
Cole Slaw

GC: We will take a look at it, yes. We haven’t played No Man’s Sky properly for a long while, so we’re looking forwards to it.



Regardless of whether 343 Industries are up to the job (I certainly have my reservations) I think the main problem with Halo is that it’s one of those games that’s old enough that going back to the original style is going to be too old-fashioned for non-fans but if it doesn’t then it’s going to upset older fans. They’re in a kind of no-win situation, especially since we’ve seen that the compromise of Halo 5 doesn’t please anyone.

As far as I can see what they’re doing with the open-ish world is a good idea though. Playing the original Halo it was very unusual to have such large areas you could move around about as you wanted and taking that to the next level makes a lot of sense because it’s unusual for a first person shooter like this and it’s something that will seem a logical extension of the original, nostalgic even.

So I don’t think there’s any reason to write things off just yet. Microsoft know how the last two games were received and they know the difficulties of modernising The Master Chief Collection. Whether they can put all that together into a good game I don’t know but I’m certainly not going to judge them ahead of time.


Remake all video games

Just to take the heat off the guy that was looking forward to the MediEvil remake, who on Earth wanted a Destroy All Humans remake?! Have you seen how many collector’s editions there is for that game? I didn’t think it was popular even at the time, let alone now.

Even though it had three sequels I always felt it was more a case of the company trying to make it a thing rather than it getting anywhere on its only merits. Unless I living some weird Destroy All Humans-hating bubble and it’s actually super popular?


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Inappropriate clothing

I downloaded a demo for Kill La Kill: IF for PlayStation 4 over the weekend. It’s by Arc System Works, so it was guaranteed to play well. And… it does.

To say that it is extremely weird would be the understatement to understate all other understatements. It’s based on an existing anime where school kids wear alien uniforms that give them special powers. I’m sure you can see where this is headed.

The two lead characters are of course sixteen-year-old ladies whose ‘uniforms’ transform during combat to be much more revealing. My reaction was genuinely: ‘Oh my God! What is she not wearing?!’ Seriously, I hope it’s very warm in Tokyo Bay or these girls will catch their death of cold. Damn, when did I become my mother?

I mean, I’m a sordid and dirty man – I can admit it – I like a skimpy outfit. But if it were live action, it would be porn. They might as well be naked. Because it’s only ‘anime magic’ that keeps us from seeing everything. Oh yes. Everything.

I don’t expect a review from you chaps unless it’s really, really quiet – but like I said, it does play fine. It’s an arena fighter, which I wasn’t familiar with until I played the Pokkén Tournament demo so there’s an emphasis on ranged combat as well. It feels very odd. It’s asking for £50 right now and I doubt it’s substantive enough to justify that.

Also, the main girl in white, Setsuki, has to be the angriest young woman I have ever seen in any media. It might be that her costume is giving her a wedgie…
PS: My favourite villain is still Pious Augustus from Eternal Darkness as he dogs you almost every step of the way. But I felt I had written in about him too recently and had nothing new to add.


Inbox also-rans

2K sent private investigators round to hassle a minor YouTuber? I swear gaming gets weirder by the minute. I mean, what even where these Borderlands 3 secrets that were apparently so important? Nothing that seems to have made any kind of splash.

I don’t think I’ve heard of anything but are there any plans for Devil May Cry 5 DLC at all? I really enjoyed that game and would be happy to play more.

GC: Nothing’s ever been announced or hinted at we’re afraid.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Tolly, who asks what’s your favourite strategy video game?

Although they’re usually quite rare there’s been an unusual number of strategy and strategy role-playing games released this summer but what is your favourite of all time? What is it you like about it and how does it compare to both other strategy games and action titles with a similar setting?

If you don’t play strategy games why not, and is there anything that might convince you to give them a go? Do you think they’ll always be a niche genre or could you see them becoming more popular in the future?

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