Games Inbox: Will there be a new PS5 reveal event this month?

The Tuesday Inbox asks what’s been the best video game TV show or docuementary, as one reader explains why he likes CD Projekt.

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Any day now
So, not to ask a stupid question but are Sony having another PlayStation 5 event this month? Because, you know, August is almost done at this point. I know they don’t want to say the price in case Microsoft trumps them but they haven’t said anything about PlayStation Now, backwards compatibility, or anything like that.

Now, there’s two ways you could take that: as a hint that they’ve got something big to reveal and don’t want to give Microsoft time to react or… they’ve got nothing and don’t want to admit it. At this point I have no clue which it is and I just want all this secrets and lies to just stop and tell us about the damned things.

Not getting my hopes up too much but surely they can’t leave it any longer than late August/early September? They’ll have to have displays set up and everything in shops soon, surely? Or is the final announcement going to be that the PlayStation 5 is out now?

GC: Nobody knows is the simple answer. There are rumours but even they admit that the plans are subject to change. We wouldn’t count on anything and treat it as a bonus if it happens.

Free beards
In a world where it always seems like games companies are lying to us or telling us half-truths at best, just to sell one more microtransaction, CD Projekt always come across like a class act. Like the Tom Hanks of gaming. I haven’t heard of any MeToo business about them, they admitted they had to use the crunch a bit rather than lying about it, and everyone that works for them just seems to be genuinely happy doing what they do.

Of course, the reason I’m writing this is because they said they’ll have free DLC for Cyberpunk 2077. I know it’ll just be more free beards or something again but it’s the though that counts, you know?

What gets me is that EA seem genuinely surprised that they’re hated, when you hear execs and that talk, but everyone loves CD Project because they make good games, they don’t nickel and dime their customers, and they don’t seem to treat their employees bad.

Not exactly a complicated secret to success but so many companies seem to get it wrong all the time.

Full random
Just a thought but does the fact that we have the Super Mario Bros. anniversary coming up and no announcement yet on the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fight not seem a bit of a coincidence? Seems to me they would try to combine the two somehow, but I can’t think of anyone prominent that is already in the game. Unless you get to play as a goomba or a koopa maybe? Or maybe a toad? We’ve already got a piranha plant so I don’t see why not.

Other than that I guess Crash Bandicoot is still probably the most likely bet, especially if there’s a new game to promote. That’s fine, I guess, but I always associate Crash with the PlayStation and I’m sure many other people do too. Still, he’s certainly a different addition to the line-up so I’ll be okay with that.
PS: I’m still secretly hoping for Master Chief because if you’re going to have a complete random addition why not go full random?

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The shape of things to come.
I don’t want to rag on Microsoft anymore, they’ve had a lot of it lately and even if they deserve it I want to stay positive about the next gen. But I’ll just say that if they launch the Xbox Series X on Friday 13th I think we’ll finally have proof that we’re being trolled and that the Xbox really was a huge tax write-off all along and they actually needed it to lose money.

Assuming that’s not the case though it looks like 20 November is going to be the date. Which means they need to get a move on with the ol’ advertising business. I’ve seen that Sony ad on TV a couple of times now and heard non-gamer fans talking about it, so the new is out there already.

I’ve heard some people say it doesn’t matter how many are sold this year, which is true in terms of raw numbers but not in terms of mind share. If PlayStation 5 becomes locked in as the one to get then it’s not going to be easily to dislodge. What happens this Christmas could influence the shape of gaming for the next five years or more.

Subscription only
After buying a month subscription to play Fall Guys I have had great fun and it has convinced me to get a year subscription to see how the game develops.

While playing the game I couldn’t help thinking what a game like Fall Guys would be like using the many mini-games from previous Mario Party games. There are many games Nintendo could adapt to fit this formula and it could easily become a selling point for their online service if they linked the game to a subscription.

This then got me thinking of other games they could use to sell their online service. Mario Chase and the Luigi’s Mansion game from Nintendo Land would fit the bill, as would games that are in limbo such as F-Zero, Pilotwings, Wave Race, 1080° Snowboarding, and Mario Smash Football – they could make these games relatively risk free from a selling point and gauge consumer interest into wanting a full-blown game.

Accidental exclusive
In a time when the exclusive argument still rages on, there’s still hope for a more equitable gaming future.

Don’t get me wrong, the Spider-Man exclusivity for the Avengers game is a kick in the teeth – skins and emotes I can bear, but a whole character deserves to be criticised. But even with all this, I like to think there’s some hope for the industry and that can be defined by one word: Yakuza.

As a staple game throughout PlayStation’s history, Yakuza 0, Kiwami, and Kiwami 2 are now on other platforms and are gaining popularity in the userbase. Yakuza 7 is going to be a cross-platform launch and it’s not outside the realms of possibility that the remastered collection will eventually come to other platforms.

Those in the industry often talk about the importance of those voting with their wallets and we should be paying attention to examples where platform barriers are being broken while also highlighting those games that are still inaccessible.

GC: Yakuza’s exclusivity has always been more a reflection of the Xbox’s irrelevance as a format in Japan than anything else – it’s not something Sony has ever paid for. In fact, there’s still a number spin-offs that never made it to the West at all, even on PlayStation formats.

Games vs. movies
Personally, I was pretty disappointed with both DC games at the weekend. Suicide Squad in particular looked so lame and uninspired next to the movie teasers. They had all these weird characters and rumours of bizarre villains (the big bad has leaked but I won’t spoil it here) and what did we get? Just four playable characters, only one of which is anything other than super obvious, and Brainiac and evil Superman as the bad guys – the exact same duo from Injustice 2.

Rocksteady, I expected more. When you get to that gameplay reveal you better not pull a Halo Infinite because my anticipation now is already near rock bottom (no pun intended).

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Holding back
I can easily believe that Halo Infinite has been delayed into 2022 and I hope to god it’s been cancelled on Xbox One. I don’t know what was more surprising about the gameplay reveal, the fact that they thought it was fit for showing in public or that they managed to keep a straight face pretending it looked really good.

But this is a moment for Microsoft to put its money where its mouth is and just waiting until the game has had enough time in the oven to come out good. Remember that Nintendo delayed a whole console launch to wait until Super Mario 64 was ready, so Microsoft are already doing less than that.

I get that coronavirus is a factor but it’s clearly not just that and I think it’s obvious that the pretence of making cross-gen games for the fans is just a cover story to hide the fact that nothing is ready. I saw this tweet from two respected sources and though it was relevant. So much of what Microsoft has been saying about the Xbox Series X is just nonsense and the truth is catching up with them.

As the Reader’s Feature at the weekend pointed out though Sony aren’t really any better, they’re just sensible enough to keep their mouths shut. They won’t have anything worth playing at launch either but at least they haven’t promised anything they can’t deliver yet.

Inbox also-rans
Great to see people writing in enjoying High Score on Netflix, nearly at the end myself and have to admit it is better than I anticipated. As a bonus Charles Martinet, aka Mario himself, is the series narrator.

Here’s my very first input for one of your weekend Hot Topics… what has been the best video game TV show ever produced, including documentaries or game shows or anything games related that’s been aired on TV?

GC: It’s an interesting question but has there really been enough to justify a Hot Topic?

Did you run out of reader’s features on Sunday or was there a glitch that stopped there being any Reader’s Features? Also, Serious Sam The First Encounter is currently free on GOG.
Andrew J.
Currently playing: Blood & Truth (PSVR)

GC: It was because of the DC FanDome news.

This week’s Hot Topic
The topic for this weekend’s Inbox was inspired by the recent DC Comics announcements and asks what would be your dream superhero or comic book video game?

It can be a sequel to an existing game or something that’s relatively unlikely to get made, but we want to know why you’d pick the particular character or setting and how you’d think it would work as a game.

Would you welcome more superhero games in general and what dangers, if any, do you think there are with making too many? What is your current favourite and how do you think it could be improved in the next gen?

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