Games with Gold November reveal: Will it compare to PS Plus and First Class Trouble?

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Games with Gold for November 2021 will be announced over the coming days and subscribers are hoping for a good month.

Sony has already outlined its plans for the rival PS Plus service, which will include a number of free games.

Headlining the list is First Class Trouble, a new game that draws a lot of inspiration from Among Us.

Like in Among Us, First Class Trouble is a hidden identity game, with one group of players trying to work out who among them is a secret enemy.

At the beginning of each game, you’ll be randomly assigned the role of either Resident or Personoid. Residents are human passengers, and Personoids are mechanically engineered assistants whose programming has been overwritten.

Although everyone plays together, you’ll have different objectives to complete depending on your role.

For Residents, your main goal is to shut down the rogue A.I. at the heart of the Alithea. To reach C.A.I.N., you’ll need to collect three keycards to progress to the next level deeper inside the ship.

For Personoids, your main goal is to stop the Residents from succeeding at all costs. That means lying, tricking, and ultimately ridding the ship of those pesky humans.

It’s hard to say how good First Class Trouble will be, as it’s making its debut as a new game on November 2.

But it’s certainly something different for gamers across PS4 and PS5 consoles to enjoy as part of their PlayStation Plus subscription.

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Meanwhile, Microsoft has yet to share its plans for Games with Gold in November, although they are expected to share the news soon.

While Xbox Game Pass is now Microsoft’s main concern, Games with Gold is still used by many customers.

And while the quality of games included has dropped, subscribers still hope for a surprise to keep things interesting.

We don’t have an exact date for when Microsoft will share the news, but it will have to happen before Monday, November 1.

This is when the first Games with Gold titles will be available to download, with more going live on November 16.

Last year’s November lineup included a mix of different genres, including Aragami: Shadow Edition, where players could dispatch adversaries from the shadows, and Swimsanity, a game in which subscribers could test their shooter skills.

The classic lineup via Backward Compatibility included Full Spectrum Warrior from the Original Xbox, and Lego Indiana Jones from Xbox 360.

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