Games Workshop Says Happy Christmas With Two New Character Models

It looks like Christmas Day is going to be a busy one for Games Workshop as it launches not one but two new character models for tabletop wargames Warhammer 40,000 and The Horus Heresy. They also have a few secrets up their sleeves, with new product announcements expected on the big day.

Gorzag Gitstompa

On Boxing Day (you know, the day that kids put all their toys back in the original packaging!*), GW is releasing a limited edition Gorzag Gitstompa and Nikkit multi-part kit. Old school players of Warhammer 40,000 may recognize the name, but not the face, as Gorzag was a limited Games Day mini from way-back-when, which was based upon the artwork for one of GW’s vintage boxed games, Gorkamorka. Does the release of Gorzag and Nikkit portents to the next faction to get the update treatment? Let’s hope so, as the current Ork Codex was released over two years ago in November 2018.

Gorzag Gitstompa and Nikkit will be available to pick up in Games Workshop and Warhammer stores from December 26 and online through the GW web store for a limited time.

Saul Tarvitz

The Horus Heresy is getting some love from Forge World, with the release of Saul Tarvitz. We expect that Tarvitz, like most of Forge World’s releases, will come as a detailed resin kit. Two head variants are possible, helmeted and non-helmeted, with the mini showing off the majesty of the Horus Heresy era.

Tarvitz is one of Warhammer 40K’s iconic heroes as he stood strong and betrayed the betrayers, rising up against his fallen Primarch who had succumbed to the forces of Chaos. The Black Library novel Galaxy of Flames records his loyalty to the Emperor. Tarvitz left his Chapter, The Emperor’s Children, to warn those loyal to the Emperor of an impending attack, saving the lives of countless many in the process.

Saul Tarvitz will be available to pre-order from the Forge World website on Christmas Day.

Sneak Peek

Games Workshop has hinted that there is going to be a big reveal on Christmas Day, as they will showcase some of the new products due for release in 2021. We’re hoping for some big Xenos updates for Warhammer 40K, with both Orks and Tyranids needing a long-overdue refresh. Regardless, 2021 should be a big year for GW with core updates to Age of Sigmar inbound and the second season of Blood Bowl has just started.

* Not true. The origins of boxing day date back to the middle ages. In later years, wealthy individuals would ‘box up’ gifts for the poor and give them on this day. While this is largely forgotten, it is still ‘celebrated’ in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth Nations and is a public holiday. Boxing Day is always the day after Christmas Day; December 26.

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