Gaming online could earn players as much as £60,000 according to new research

Gamers could make tens of thousands of pounds on top of their regular salaries—just by playing their favourite games.

A survey by Bionic took a look at data from freelancing platform Fiverr and found that gaming is the third most profitable 'side hustle' online, with gamers potentially able to make thousands of pounds.

Game coaching apparently makes the most money, helping freelancers earn a total of £170,000 by teaching others how to do better or beat others.

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Minecraft is apparently the most profitable game of them all, with gamers making £60,420 in total. Meanwhile, Fortnite helped gamers earn £19,740 and Call of Duty players made £5,350.

Other ways of making money through gaming include creating videos for YouTube, recording gameplay clips, or creating and managing Discord servers.

One freelancer made £37,469 making viral gaming content on YouTube, while another player made £6,975 by playing as someone else's teammate.

Les Roberts, Content Manager at Bionic said: "While the data we have here showcases plenty of fun services on offer, the most important thing it highlights is just how many people now rely on freelance work to supplement their income."

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Les continued: "There's no doubt that a large share of families are in a tough position financially at the moment. Rising costs of energy, food, and just about everything else are pushing people to find sources of income outside of their normal working hours."

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that allows anyone to offer their services online for a fee. While this is often services such as copywriting, web design, or voice acting, it seems it can also be something as simple as playing Call of Duty online with someone.


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