Gengar Becomes A Wrestling Icon With New Pokemon Unite Holowear

Pokemon Unite's second season is well underway at this point and it has already introduced one new Pokemon. Decidueye was added to the roster this month after plenty of rumors and teasing, and it appears Tsareena is next in line. An odd choice since it's the same type and from the same generation as Decidueye, but its arrival hasn't been confirmed yet so maybe TiMi Studios will surprise us.

While you wait for the arrival of Tsareena, or whatever Pokemon comes next, there's some new holowear to check out. Rejoice Gengar mains as everyone's favorite Pokemon (right?) and the roster member who already has the best wardrobe now has another great outfit to wear. Masked style Gengar is now available through Unite's in-game store, and you can currently get it for a reduced price to celebrate Black Friday.

Gengar's masked style in Unite will cost 840 aeos gems for a limited time. After the Black Friday sale is over it will set you back 1200. Gengar's new holowear is supposed to make the ghost-type speedster look like a wrestler, or more specifically a luchador. Appropriate since luchadors are famed for their speed and high flying move sets in the wrestling world. Gengar might be a big Pokemon, but it gets around with relative ease, especially in Unite.

Gengar also has astronaut holowear which is arguably the best outfit to have been added to Unite so far. It might be tied with the holowear that makes Blastoise look like a dad. Reaction to Gengar's new get up is mostly positive on social media. Players do have one hang-up, though. Gengar isn't the most fun or effective Pokemon to use in Unite. Many players appear to be saying they'll pass on the masked style holowear even though they like it simply because they don't play with Gengar all that often.

Holowear has been a controversial topic among players when discussing Unite. Two of the outfits added so far have been pretty expensive, and will cost you $40 each when translated to real-world money. That's a lot of clash to splash on a virtual costume for your Pokemon. Thankfully Gengar's masked style doesn't cost nearly that much, especially if you act fast and buy it now.

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