Genshin Impact: 10 Best Characters To Bring Into The Spiral Abyss

There will come a time in Genshin Impact when there’s nothing left to do but run artifact domains over and over again. At that point, there’s not much left to do in the game – apart from that text on the map that says Floor 2, Chamber 3. Oh wait, that’s the Spiral Abyss challenge you’ve been putting off for so long.

Don’t blame yourself, the later levels of that gauntlet (9-12) are reserved only for the most experienced players with high-leveled teams so it can be disheartening or even daunting trying to fix up the most optimal combination.

Well, now that maybe you have nothing left to do but wait for updates, it’s high time to aim for the stars. As in Spiral Abyss stars because nothing lets you brag better than clearing Floor 11 or 12. In such cases, you’d want to know which characters can make your life easier in the Spiral Abyss. While all of them are viable in that wretched hive, the characters below are the unanimously considered “easy mode” characters for Spiral Abyss.

10 Diluc

He’s a fairly common “rare” character by now thanks to permanent availability so Diluc is certainly more accessible compared to other 5-star characters. In terms of damage, he remains the most consistent pyro character in the game.

Diluc’s inherent toughness and the low-cooldown pyro abilities as well as the infusion makes him one of the safest characters to have in the Spiral Abyss. Many players even owe their Floor 12 clears or progression to him and his wide-sweeping Elemental Burst.

9 Ganyu

As for the highest most consistent damage you can have in the Spiral Abyss, not many can beat Ganyu for the throne. At her best, she can easily deal six digits of damage every two seconds or so. There are even players who use just Ganyu herself in some Spiral Abyss chambers.

It’s all thanks to her crazy high damage multipliers for her charged shots which obliterate enemies fast and often without any need for elemental reactions. Give her some pyro support and she easily becomes a monster with little to no effort.

8 Bennett

As for the best support you can have in the Spiral Abyss, Bennett is right at the top of many players’ lists. He’s both a healer and a damage booster in one. In emergency situations or if your main pyro DPS (like Diluc) dies, Bennett can easily assume the role because he also deals decent damage.

Without Bennett, a lot of Spiral Abyss compositions also wouldn’t be possible. His taking up several roles in a party opens up a lot of possibilities for anyone’s second team in the Spiral Abyss.

7 Xingqiu

Like Bennett, Xingqiu is quite a handful and can fill in many roles. For one, he’s the perfect support character for Diluc since his Elemental Burst can provide Diluc with consistently high streams of Vaporize damage.

He also sits well with Ganyu melt compositions. Meanwhile, as a backup DPS, Xingqiu is reliable enough because he can produce Vaporize damage too and his Elemental Skill is powerful enough against later Spiral Abyss enemies.

6 Hu Tao

For the highest damage available in the game right now, you can’t go wrong with Hu Tao. The current record for her is around 2 million damage though that’s difficult and costly to set up. To that end, she also holds the record for the fastest Floor 12 clear.

Hu Tao’s Elemental Skill allows her to deal continuous charged attacks that deal five digits but it’s her Elemental Burst that allows for insane damage numbers. It’s tricky to keep her alive but she’s more robust than Xiao when it comes to survivability.

5 Zhongli

Speaking of survivability, no other character in Genshin Impact lets players tank through elemental attacks better than Zhongli. He’s the most reliable shield giver in the game thanks to his Elemental Skill. That same ability also makes Zhongli an enemy de-buffer, since the Jade Shield is essentially a 20 percent damage boost.

When all else fails, Zhongli has one heck of a panic button in the form of his Elemental Burst that makes the whole room stop for a few seconds and can also deal five to six digits of damage easily.

4 Sucrose

Other than Diluc’s Crimson Witch set or Ganyu’s Wanderer’s Troupe, one other artifact set that’s perfect for elemental reaction teams is the Viridescent Venerer. When it comes to wielding that, Sucrose is one of the best candidates.

Viridescent Venerer’s 4-piece bonus shreds the enemy’s elemental resistance by 40 percent through Swirl. Sucrose can easily apply Swirl even through Normal Attacks, making her a valuable asset to any team that relies on Melt or Vaporize. On top of that, she also gives a considerable amount of Elemental Mastery.

3 Tartaglia (Childe)

Before Hu Tao started disrespecting the challenge of Floor 12 by clearing it within single-digit seconds, Tartaglia was doing that with Vaporize. His abilities are a bit fiddly compared to other DPS characters but he can put out tons of damage in a single burst.

That’s assuming he’s given the correct team, which includes a pyro applicator and someone equipped with a Viridescent Venerer artifact set. Some teams also include a cryo applicator for added defense or survivability insurance.

2 Mona

For applying hydro status effects, one other character that might be better than Xingqiu depending on the situation is Mona. Her abilities give her hydro damage more range compared to Xingqiu’s melee-ranged hydro status.

Mona as a DPS is also a viable concept since there are videos of her dealing more than a million damage in a single instance thanks to Vaporize. Since she’s also a permanent character, she’s somewhat easy to obtain, like Diluc.

1 Venti

As for the champion of the Spiral Abyss, no other character is more desirable than the tone-deaf bard himself, Venti. That’s because Floor 11 is often considered more difficult than Floor 12 and Venti is the current best solution for that ordeal.

His Elemental Burst puts things into order better than Zhongli’s meteor and also applies a debuff to enemies via Viridescent Venerer. Coupled with his copious amounts of Energy Recharge, any other non-healer support just gets blown away, no pun intended.

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