Genshin Impact: 10 Best Polearms, Ranked

Polearms in Genshin Impact have been gaining more and more popularity thanks to the release of Zhongli and now Xiao. Even more interesting, the polearm class only has three different characters in it, with Zhongli being a defense focus character, while Xiangling and Xiao can be used as the main DPS.

This makes it a bit harder to recommend polearms, as the class is currently more divisive than others, players who are using Zhongli should be especially considerate of how they are building him up and try to pick a polearm from this list that will compliment his artifact set.

Recommended Polearms

Royal Spear

The Royal Spear is available from Paimon’s Bargains for 24 Masterless Starglitter.

  • Base Attack: 44
  • Secondary Stat: Attack Plus 6%

The spear’s passive ability, Focus, increases the crit rate between 8 to 16% for up to five stacks. The stack will reset when a critical hit happens.

Favonius Lance

The Favonius Lance is received through gatcha pulls.

  • Base Attack: 44
  • Secondary Stat: Energy Recharge of 6.7%

It has the Windfall ability which gives hits between 60 to 100% chance to generate 6 energy particles every twelve to six seconds.

Blackcliff Pole

The Blackcliff Pole can be purchased from Paimon’s Bargains for 24 Masterless Starglitter.

  • Base Attack: 42
  • Secondary Stat: Crit Damage plus 12%

Its ability Pres The Advantage increases attack between 12 to 24% for thirty seconds after killing an enemy and the bonus can stack up to three times.

Crescent Pike

The Crescent Pike is simple to get as it can be forged by the player at the blacksmith.

  • Base Attack: 44
  • Secondary Stat:

The Pike has the ability Infusion Needle which gives the player a bonus of 20 to 40% extra damage for five seconds when they pick up elemental particles.


Deathmatch can be obtained from the Battlepass by buying the subscription and achieving level 30.

  • Base Attack: 41
  • Secondary Stat: Crit Rate Plus 8%

The Spears ability is Gladiator which gives the player a bonus crit rate of 8 to 16% for a maximum of five stacks until a critical hit is achieved.

Dragonspine Spear

The Dragonspine Spear can be obtained from the Strange Tooth quest and then forged afterward.

  • Base Attack: 41
  • Secondary Stat: Physical damage Plus 15%

The spear has the Frost Burial ability, granting a 60 to 100% chance of creating an icicle that deals 80 to 140% AoE cryo damage every ten seconds. If the opponent happens to be weak to cryo, then the icicle will deal between 200 to 360% cryo damage.

Vortex Vanquisher

The Vortex Vanquisher is a five-star gatcha pull intended for Zhongli.

  • Base Attack: 46
  • Secondary Stat: Attack plus 10.8%

Its ability, Golden Majesty, increase the character shield strength by 2o to 40%. It also raises the attack damage by 4 to 8% for eight seconds, occurring once every .03 seconds and the effect can stack up to eight times. In addition, when using a shield the attack increase effect is 100%.

Primordial Jade Winged- Spear

This is another five-star gatcha that has a focus on crit damage.

  • Base Attack: 48
  • Secondary Stat: Crit Damage Plus 4.8%

When an enemy is struck, Eagle Spear of Justice increases attack by 3.2 to 6% for six seconds up to seven stacks. This will occur every .03 seconds and when the maximum amount of stacks is hit, the character will also gain between 12 to 24% extra attack power.

Skyward Spine

This is one of the first five-star gatcha pulls for polearms.

  • Base Attack: 48
  • Secondary Stat: Energy Recharge of 8%

Skyward Spine has the Blackwing ability that increases the player’s crit rate by 8 to 16% and attack speed by 12%. In addition, attacks have a 50% chance of creating a vacuum blade that deals 40 to 100% AoE damage every two seconds.

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