Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Xinyan

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Whether it's a tabletop RPG or a digital RPG, there's always an interesting spin on the effects of music. While there can be great soundtracks and bands related to plenty of adventures, there are also important characters who use music as their trade and source of power.

Genshin Impact has a lot of loud and powerful tunes, and some of those come from the characters you can recruit. Among them is Xinyan, a fiery young woman who is known for carrying a banjo-like guitar around. Though a performer, she's also an important party member who can lead you to victory — provided she has strong backup.

Who Is Xinyan?

Many of the characters in Genshin Impact are experienced warriors, or at least warriors in training, who have also taken up other occupations. When she's not out exploring, Xinyan is rocking out in the venues of Liyue Harbor. Although rock n' roll is still being accepted by the public, Xinyan is determined to make it the most popular genre through her passion for it.

In order to do that, she'll have to travel from town to town, with her instruments, claymore, and Pyro power to keep her safe. She's a DPS who can use her music to deal damage as well as support her teammates.

The Best Team For Xinyan

Xinyan can be relatively versatile with her list of skills. When she's not attacking, she can use Sweeping Fervor to generate a shield based on how many enemies she hits. Xinyan aims to be a crowd-pleaser, so it's good to have a well-rounded team who can support her and make the most out of her solos.


When you have someone as energetic as Xinyan, it's a good idea to have someone to pump her up. Thankfully, Bennett does a good job of this, being a reliable swordsman and solid Pyro-user. Although Xinyan can provide protective buffs, Bennett can add to this with his own kinds of buffs.

By using Fantastic Voyage, he can help regenerate HP and provide an attack boost. While Xinyan benefits from these buffs, Bennett can attack under her protection by charging his sword with Passion Overload.


Having a physical DPS main is a safe bet, but it leaves room for additional characters of a more magical nature. Lisa brings this to the table with her Electro-charged catalyst combat. While Xinyan can run around attacking opponents, Lisa can aid her by setting up strong elements to strike alongside her.

Her Violet Arc creates an orb that flies around dealing damage and stacking the Conductive debuff, while her Lightning Rose summons a deadly flower that lingers and shocks enemies. This makes Lisa an amazing supporting attacker.


Having someone as passionate as Xinyan can be dangerous at times, so it's good to have a party member to keep her grounded. Gorou can does that with his Geo affinity, while keeping his distance with a bow. Unlike other members, Gorou is all about supporting Xinyan, while taking shots when he can.

His Inuzaka All-Round Defense can raise the party's defense, while his Forward Unto Victory creates a moving buff-field that lays out AoE-damage-dealing crystals. If Xinyan is a musician, Gorou can be her technician.

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