Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Diona

Diona in Genshin Impact is somewhat difficult to pair with a good weapon, mainly because she’s a rare example of one of the characters really only working well with a four-star or higher rated weapon. While this seems easy enough because most of the bows available are four-star or higher, that also means they’re harder to find or gain through Wish Events.

She also burns her stamina really fast, so adding to the complication of getting her a solid weapon is a need for an Energy Recharge substat. Many of the bows only offer Attack boosts or Damage increases but do little for Energy Recharge. Even though there are a lot more factors to consider when arming Diona, all hope is not lost.

5 The Recurve Bow – Three Star

Although Diona works best with four-star weapons, the Recurve Bow is one exception – thankfully for anyone new to Diona or with fewer bow options available. Chances are high you'll have this in your inventory because you can get it through Wish Events or opening chests scattered around the map. A lot of Genshin Impact weapons guides will also directly cite Diona as a recommended character to equip the Recurve Bow with, though seldom is the opposite true.

Still, with limited weapons and a recently acquired Diona, this combination will work well enough until you level her up and get a more suitable weapon. You won’t get the Energy Recharge Diona needs with this bow, but you will get health bonuses like an additional ten percent HP for equipping it, and eight percent HP restored with each defeated opponent.

4 The Stringless – Four Star

The Stringless is much more commonly recommended for other bow users – like Amber, Fischl, or even Ganyu – but it will work with Diona as a substitute for other four-star bows that are a better match for her. While it used to be a rarer pull, you can now get it at a normal rate through any of the Wish Banners- Standard, Featured, or the Weapon Banner.

Equipping her with the Stringless will give her an increase of 24 percent to both her Elemental Skill and her Elemental Burst damage, strengthening her attacks. You’ll also get a bonus between the range of 36 to 165 Elemental Mastery depending on Diona’s level.

3 The Sacrificial Bow – Four Star

Diona fans will most likely refer you to one of two bows when selecting a weapon for her, and the Sacrificial Bow is one of them. This is large part due to the fact that Diona has such a long cooldown period, and the Sacrificial Bow has both a high Energy Recharge rate and a chance of bettering your cooldown. Luckily, getting your hands on the Sacrificial Bow is fairly easy, as it can be found in the Standard Banner, Featured Banner, and the Weapon Banner when you use your Wishes.

The Energy Recharge on the Sacrificial Bow ranges from great to amazing, with stat bonuses between 6.7 percent up to 30.6 percent, depending on Diona’s level. Another perk of using this bow over others is the 40 percent chance of ending its cooldown rate after you’ve used it to damage an enemy. This will occur every 30 seconds once you’ve achieved it.

2 The Favonius Warbow – Four Star

The other most commonly recommended bow for Diona is the Favonius Warbow. You’ll see this debated against the Sacrificial Bow or the Stringless for many of the bow users in Genshin Impact because it has a lot of perks to offer. Just like with the Sacrificial Bow, you can pull this using your Wishes in the Standard Banner, Featured Banner, or Weapon Banner, so which of these two rivals you pick depends on your personal preference when building up your Diona.

Diona's level will determine the Energy Recharge you get from equipping this weapon, but the range is 13.3 percent up to 61.3 percent. Another bonus this bow gives you is your crit hits with Diona will have a 60 percent chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will in turn produce six energy for her. This will happen in 12 second intervals, allowing for a much more rapid rejuvenation of energy, something Diona is desperately in need of during battle.

1 The Elegy For The End – Five Star

The only five-star bow that will pair nicely with Diona, if you’re lucky enough to pull it from the Weapon Events Wish Banner, the Elegy for the End will help a ton. Still, the best thing about Diona is she doesn’t need the fanciest weapon with the most upgrades, so don’t sweat it if you can’t get it just yet.

The Energy Recharge with the Elegy ranges from 12 percent all the way up to 55.1 percent depending on her level. The Elegy will also increase the Elemental Mastery by 60, and when you deal damage with Diona’s Elemental Skill or Burst you gain Sigils. With the Sigils you gain, you can then increase Elemental Mastery by 100, and your Attack will increase by 20 percent for up to four Sigils.

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