Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Faruzan

One of the greatest feelings in Genshin Impact is when you can successfully build your new characters with their desired weapons and artifacts. For every character, you can select any weapon as far as they're of the character's type. Different weapons encourage different play styles for the characters, and this helps in making them unique.

Faruzan is a four-star bow-wielding character with an Anemo vision. She was first released alongside Wanderer in the Version 3.3 update, and it is rumored that she has returned after a century. Faruzan's diverse skill set allows her to wield many weapons elegantly.

8/8 Slingshot – Three Star

Starting with a three-star weapon, Slingshot is one of the best weapons for Faruzan if you're new to the game. Whenever you summon on a limited or a standard banner in Genshin Impact, there's a high chance of you getting a copy for Slingshot, which makes it extremely easy to bring this weapon to refinement five.

Even after being a three-star weapon, it gives you a whopping 31.2 percent Crit Rate at the maximum level. Moreover, hitting an enemy with a Normal or Charged Attack within 0.3 seconds of firing increases your damage by 60 percent at refinement five. Since Faruzan is a close-range bow character, this passive is easy to trigger for her.

This weapon allows you to build Faruzan as a DPS character and it also removes the strain of getting good Crit values on your Artifact sets.

7/8 Prototype Crescent – Four Star

Another great weapon for free-to-play or low-spending players, the Prototype Crescent can be crafted at the Blacksmith as far as you have a Northlander Bow Billet. You can acquire this Billet by exploring Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma or by fighting the weekly bosses in these regions.

This weapon will give you a high 41.3 percent ATK boost at level 90 and increase your Movement SPD and ATK Percent even more if you hit a Charged Attack on an opponent's weak spot. This is quite easy to do as Faruzan because her Charged Attacks have very less charging time after using Elemental Skill.

6/8 Fading Twilight – Four Star

While Fading Twilight can be a fantastic weapon for Faruzan, it's a limited-time weapon that cannot be acquired anymore. The players were allowed to get this weapon and bring it to refinement five for free during the Perilous Trail event in The Chasm. If you do have this weapon in your inventory, it's time to adorn Faruzan with it.

The main highlight of the weapon is its Energy Recharge of up to 30.6 percent at the maximum level. This helps in solving the character's Energy problems since her Burst cost is 80. Moreover, you can also get a DMG boost of up to 28 percent when you hit opponents every seven seconds three times.

5/8 Sacrificial Bow – Four Star

Another four-star that does a great job at reducing Faruzan's Energy problems is Sacrificial Bow. Even though it has 30.6 percent Energy Recharge at the maximum level, it also has a chance to reset your Elemental Skill whenever it hits an opponent. With this weapon and her first constellation, you can have up to 8 Anemo particles quickly.

The only issue with Sacrificial Bow is that it increases Faruzan's time on the field. If you're trying to use her in a quick-swap team where you just want to apply the Anemo DMG boost and RES shred, this weapon can result in a DPS loss.

4/8 Blackcliff Warbow – Four Star

Another entry for DPS Faruzan enjoyers, Blackcliff Warbow can be acquired from the Paimon Shop using Starglitter whenever it's featured. It can give you 36.8 percent Crit DMG as the secondary stat, which resolves a lot of problems when you're trying to farm artifacts for this build.

After you defeat an opponent, you'll get an ATK boost for her, and it stacks up to three times. Faruzan's DPS build shines when you're fighting against a horde of crowd-controllable enemies with less health, and this weapon makes that part of her kit even better. Ideally, you might not even need a shield because you'll constantly control the enemies.

3/8 Favonius Warbow – Four Star

Favonius Warbow still has the solution for Faruzan's Energy Recharge problems, and it also removes the setback of extra field time from Sacrificial Bow. All of this is done because the weapon gets a whopping 61.3 percent Energy Recharge at the highest level, which is more than double of what you get from Sacrificial.

Moreover, Crit Hits on the enemies can also form some neutral particles that increase six Energy for every character, and this can be increased with each character's Energy Recharge. While it doesn't give you any ATK Percent boost, it can make the rotations much easier.

2/8 Polar Star – Five Star

When Tartaglia got his first rerun, Polar Star was released as his signature weapon. It's one of the best all-rounder five-star weapons that is worth it even for low-spending players. Although, you can only get it on the weapon banner when it's featured, and this banner is not the most forgiving.

Apart from a 33.1 percent Crit Rate as the secondary stat, this weapon also gives you an Elemental Skill and Burst DMG boost of 12 percent at refinement one. Moreover, you can perform Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst on an opponent to gain extra ATK and deal more damage.

1/8 Elegy For The End – Five Star

The best play style for Faruzan is the Anemo Support playstyle since it doesn't need a lot of resource investment, and Elegy for the End is the best weapon for this. This signature weapon for Venti gives you 608 base ATK and 55.1 percent Energy Recharge after being fully upgraded.

Moreover, it can give extra Elemental Mastery and ATK Percent whenever you hit opponents with your Elemental Skill or Burst. Faruzan can hit opponents up to three times with one Elemental Skill and Burst, and four times with her first constellation. This makes it really easy to trigger this weapon's passive and buff your entire team.

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