Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Razor

Claymore wielding Razor is a badass character from Genshin Impact who travels alone. He's unique, powerful, and undeniably one of the best four-star characters available. However, such a well-loved and strong character needs a weapon to back him up and match his level on the battlefield.

Luckily, one of the best things about Genshin Impact is its choice of weapons. They may be a challenge to get but each has its own powers and uses. The only problem is that not all weapons were made to be equal, meaning you need to be careful when choosing the best weapon for Razor. Some stand out from the rest though, meaning you'll have the best chance to succeed.

8 Skyrider Greatsword

One of the most frustrating aspects of Genshin Impact is how challenging it can be to get hold of powerful five-star weapons. Many assume that because they're hard to get and five-star are the only good weapons Razor can have. Luckily, the Skyrider Greatsword is there to prove them wrong.

This three-star Claymore is powerful and obtainable easily, meaning you can grab a good weapon with minimum effort. While it isn't exactly five-star worthy, this weapon is capable of changing the battle for the better with the additions to attack buffs. Combined with quick hits and good damage, you'll be impressed with this three-star weapon, especially once it's refined.

7 Rainslasher

The coolest aspect of Razor is his Electro. It's incredibly useful and can be particularly entertaining to use whenever you can. After all, there's nothing worse than never being able to use one of the main things Razor is popular for. This is why the Rainslasher is such a fantastic weapon. Not only does it look awesome but it feels like it was made for Razor and the way he fights.

Aside from generally doing some impressive damage, the Rainslasher grants Razor extra damage due to the Electro. This combination can truly be a deadly one and feels like it would be a perfect match.

6 Prototype Archaic

Prototype Archaic is a dark-looking four-star sword that can pack a punch and even has a pretty useful AoE to boast about. All this makes for a relatively unseen and useful weapon because not many Claymores actually have an AoE. So, even though this one is a little small, it's still powerful enough to change the tide of battle.

Essentially, whenever you hit with a normal or charged attack you can deal 240 percent of your attack damage to a group of enemies around you. It may sound incredibly overpowered but there's still a 50 percent chance of it happening, and it can only be triggered once every 15 seconds.

5 Serpent Spine

As well as looking awesome, the Serpent Spine is a fantastic four-star claymore that packs a punch, has a decent crit rate, and works well if Razor is in a group. It's a great weapon for those who prefer playing fully as a team. Even though Razor is more of a lone wolf, he will benefit greatly when being surrounded by allies, especially with this claymore.

Serpent Spine increases your damage as long as you are on the field. This will mean you'll be wanted among many other players and should have your pick of the allies if you so choose. Either way, that damage will be incredibly useful.

4 Snow-Tombed Starsilver

Sometimes you don't want to be waiting for one specific weapon to come out that would be perfect for your character. Sometimes, all you need is a great free weapon that can still pack a punch. This is where the Snow-Tombed Starsilver comes in.

It's a free weapon that brings a lot to Razor's play. Whenever you hit an enemy with either a normal or a charged attack then you have a chance to drop a powerful icicle onto the group around you. This has a 60 percent chance to happen and will be the most effective for anyone who is affected by Cyro. It's got a great attack and is classed as the best free weapon for Razor.

3 Skyward Pride

Skyward Pride looks relatively regal and pure compared to a lot of available Claymores, but that's not the only element that makes this five-star weapon unique. As you arrive later in the game you'll want to start looking at five-star weapons for Razor, however, there's still a huge variety to choose from. Luckily, the likes of Skyward Pride make it a relatively easy decision to make.

Skyward Pride focuses more on elemental, normal, and charged attacks than one thing in particular. Essentially, this weapon will increase your damage by eight percent whenever you use one of these attacks and does some intense damage to enemies in your way. Hitting them causes a blade to spin through the enemy doing up to 80 percent damage.

2 Wolf's Gravestone

In almost direct comparison to Skyward Pride, this weapon is rather dark and sinister. It looks like it does some intense damage, and it does. It's often regarded as one of the best Claymores for Razor, with it being a constant battle between Wolf's Gravestone and Song of Broken Pines.

Nevertheless, This Claymore will increase your attack by a huge 20 percent and will help members of your party as well. Whenever an enemy has less than 30 percent health, this weapon will increase all their attacks by 40 percent. This goes on for 12 seconds making it a great boon. It's worth knowing it only happens every 30 seconds.

1 Song Of Broken Pines

One of the main reasons why the Song of Broken Pines is the best weapon for Razor is the base attack. It's classed as one of the highest in the game which will allow this DPS to really do some work on the enemies. However, it's not just the base stats that allow this weapon to shoot above the rest. The bonuses Song of Broken Pines grants you makes it undeniably worth the hassle to get hold of.

Not only does your physical damage increase by 25 percent but you also get to do some extra damage on enemies when you use an elemental skill. Once triggered your attack is increased by nine percent. This can stack up to two times and will be happening almost instantly. It's a great weapon to try out.

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